J.C. Penney Revival Hinges on Avoiding Price War

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Oct. 11 (Bloomberg) -- J.C. Penney CEO Mike Ullman has slowed the sales decline and amassed enough cash to fund two years of operations, he faces his biggest challenge since returning as CEO: a holiday season marked by price wars and penny-pinching consumers. Deirdre Bolton reports on Bloomberg Television's "In The Loop." (Source: Bloomberg)

Positioning for the holidays.

Actually, no one is going to have a blowout holiday season.

That is according to our own analysts.

It is not going to be great for anybody with the exception for stores that are ready to go into competitive reaction.

Macy's and coles have more leeway and leverage.

-- kohl's. jcpenney only has enough cash to go 2 more years.

Basically, this is a melting ice cube.

Eventually, you will have nothing.

One bright spot for jcpenney is disney.

Even the critics of jcpenney say they have done really well with establishing partnerships that will hopefully drive traffic to the store.

That is the overall idea.

You and i know get-go -- giggle.

It is a brand.

I spent some time at jcpenney with the head of the kids division.

Here is what she told me.

We are excited about the holiday.

There are a few things going on.

Disney, from a toy standpoint.

There is plush and figuring and great role-play.

I did not have a chance to catch up with anyone at disney.

I spoke with the founder and ceo of giggle.

I asked if you felt bad about the partnership and if you should have picked a different retail partner?

She said, not at all.

She said it is better than what she could have done on her own.

Partners are not feeling the panic.

It does not sound like it will be a blowout for anybody.

A 3.9 -- 3.9% increase for everybody.

Estimates came out before the deadlock in washington.

Deirdre bolton, "money moves those quote anchor.

Moving and shaking this hour.

Basketball hall of famer magic johnson was part of a group that bought the los angeles dodgers.

They are about to play for the national league title.

Magic giving up one of his other titles.

Analyst for espn.

He has been commenting since 2008. magic said he does not have the time he needs to devote to it anymore.

The sports site deadspin has another take, saying magic has had a power struggle with the cohost of the show.

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