iTunes Radio to Expand Overseas, Beats Pandora

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Oct. 8 (Bloomberg) -- Apple plans to expand iTunes Radio to English-speaking countries outside the U.S. by early 2014, beating industry leader Pandora to the U.K. and Canada, people with knowledge of the situation said. Jon Erlichman reports on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg West." (Source: Bloomberg)

Reaction in the story today.

It seems like apple does have a progressive role for itunes radio.

You highlighted that u.k., canada and australia are on its target list heading into 2014. add to that, new zealand and the nordic region.

When itunes radio was unveiled in the u.s. last month, apple sure that the 11 million listeners had sampled music in the first five days.

We are equally waiting with the next update will be.

Many suggest that this is a similar role as what we saw with itunes more than a decade ago.

It was interesting that 80 kew, the executive who has been leading the charge for apple, was recently -- that eddie q, the executive who has been leading the charge for apple, was recently quoted.

What does it mean for a service like pandora?

Other than the market, how does this affect pandora?

I think there are two parts to the story.

If we are talking about the global side, one analyst highlights the difference in the deal structures.

The fact that apple cuts deals directly with the music labels and to the lead up to the launch of itunes radio here was likely in a position where they could weekly do a rollout in other countries.

It is a different format to what pandora's doing.

That isn't to say that pandora is not in some of the countries that we have mentioned, but there is a bigger footprint opportunity for apple overseas.

He makes the argument that itunes radio may have a "uphill battle here in the u.s." because of the fact that somebody people have already been using the pandora service for some time and apple here at home has to make the case that here's 1, 2, 3, for reasons why he should use us and not pandora.

So those are the two stories, the overseas story versus the ones playing out here at home.

Thanks so much.

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