Italy’s Most Influential Politician Ousted

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Nov. 28 (Bloomberg) –- Bloomberg’s Ryan Chilcote reports on Silvio Berlusconi being expelled from the Italian Senate after a 19 year career. He speaks to Anna Edwards and Mark Barton on Bloomberg Television’s “Countdown.” (Source: Bloomberg)

You said it yesterday and it was very likely he would be expelled.

High drama.

The metaphor for playing around rome, even by italian standards they don't normally fly.

The senate just before the vote, one of the politicians gets up there before he votes against berlusconi and says, "even the most powerful must submit to the supremacy of the law." they kick out berlusconi.

He is in front of his house, doesn't bother to go to the senate for the vote.

Addressing supporters, he calls it democracy's day of mourning.

He says the problem is italy has too many politically motivated judges.

He says hits adversaries have finally succeeded in putting him in front of a firing squad.

Too early to write his political obituary.

He says he will remain in politics.

His supporters and tractors both say they are fighting for democracy.

Can the prime minister rest easy?


there are a lot of people out there looking to write his political obituary.

He is out of parliament but not out of politics.

Potentially, as much as 30% of the vote is more than the prime minister can count on.

Letta needs to pass the budget and berlusconi is the teflon man.

19 years in power, nine years as prime minister over three stints spanning four recessions.

This is a guy who was for austerity a few years ago.

Now he is against austerity.

No matter what he says, a certain part of the electorate always seems to support him.

Pre-k's thanks, ryan.

Just ahead, spain is dealing with an unemployment rate.

That number -- we found a

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