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May 16 (Bloomberg) -- Mediatech Capital Partners' Porter Bibb discusses the 2014 network television upfronts and the competition from alternative programmers with Mark Crumpton on Bloomberg Television's "Bottom Line." (Source: Bloomberg)

Always glad to be here.

Will the advertisers get their money's worth?

It all depends on what you consider money's worth.

Advertising cost per thousand?

The rates that they pay for each viewer went up about 4.5%, 5%. fewer show went down.

There are fewer eyeballs.

So, the money is there.

The viewers are disappearing.

I think this is a watershed moment for network television.

It seems counterintuitive.

If the viewership is down, out of the networks recoup the ad dollars if no one is watching?

There is a little bit of -- they have exercised this for the last several years.

Right now, the internet and digital advertising exceeded the volume of television network advertising for the first time in history.

It did in the united states.

It did in the u.k. it did in canada.

Is that the watershed moment?

Yes, it is the beginning of the sunset for television.

What will that mean for future up fronts question mark this was not a huge extravaganza the way up fronts were in the past.

It was rivaled by the cable networks and something that google and microsoft and the digital content providers put together.

Ok, let's talk about the up fronts.

Any surprises?

The big surprises, less comedy.

The thursday night comedy block, cbs is running away with that.

Thursday night football will be a huge home run for cbs.

It's interesting.

Cbs has extended their legacy procedurals, "ncis," going to new orleans.

The networks of come up with, i think, rather desperate efforts to capture a younger audience that is evacuating television in droves.

They have programs like "selfie," "battle creek," which than skill again is putting together, and situation comedies and using all of the marble and d.c. comic characters.

Mtv, thursday night, as you know, as prime real estate.

That is where a lot of really good shows -- advertisers, movie advertisers, a lot of the auto advertisers zero win on thursday night.

Thursday night cbs, as you mentioned.

Is net tv the new template -- is even tv the new template?

-- event tv the new template?

Event tv has been.

Anyone under 35 or 30 -- they watch it three days after the rock asterisk that is hard to measure and it does not get the impact to the advertisers.


When you are on facebook, who cares what's on tv.

Porter bibb, we will ask you to stick around through the break.

The managing partner of mediatech.

More on the up fronts when "bottom line" continues in just a moment.

? we are back with porter bibb, managing order of corporate finance at mediatech capital partners.

We're talking about the tv upfronts, the advertising be networks -- the networks are battling to advertisers in new york city.

The network execs are rebuilding the miniseries.

It was really popular in the 1990's. our viewers going to take the miniseries bait?

They have to find the viewers.

When abs -- when abc put "roots" on, they had 71 million people watching every segment of the show.

Repeating it, remaking it, they will be likely if they get -- they will be lucky if they get 7 million this time around.

There are just not the eyeballs watching network television anymore.

Alternative programmers -- netflix, amazon, youtube -- they have shaken up the landscape and are competing against the broadcast networks.

Network podcasters have seen a two percent decline in viewers this year.

Does the decline say more about the networks or the sheriffs in town?

It's a little of both.

It is the demographic shift.

Anyone under 30 or 35 is watching less and less television.

The average american is watching four and a half hours of television every day.

If you are under 35, you will not even be watching an hour of television.

Is interesting.

There was a time when your parents would be like, stop watching tv, get out of the house area -- out of the house.

They are watching it of their own choosing.

They are watching it in binge, they are watching it with her friends on social networks.

Which network is the most to gain?

The number one network has been for the last several -- several years, cbs.

They have the most going for them this year.

They have the strongest lineup of shows.

No doubt.

Any shows you are looking for?

My favorites is an abc show they borrowed drum a per zillion tele-novella -- from a brazilian tele-novella.

A woman is artificially inseminated and thinks she may be the virgin mary.

I'm not kidding at all.

That is event television.

They are bringing back "the music man" from broadway.

They are doing "roots." and then skill can has a miniseries that is going to be a big, big hit.

I would be remiss if i did not bring up margaret walters.

She is retiring.

Does that mean the end of the big -- bring up barbara walters.

She is retiring.

Does that mean the end of the big get interview?

"the times" said yes.

She brought viewers.

Her viewer with mono low -- monica lewinsky got well over 50 million.

She could not repeat that anymore because the television audiences fragmented.

The big interviews are gone.

There is a wonderful program coming up, i think, on nbc called-- that is where the interviews have gone.

Porter bibb, joining us here in studio.

Good to see you.

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