Tesla vs. Dealers: Elon Musk's Real-World Headache

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Nov. 26 (Bloomberg) -- Megan Hughes reports on Tesla's efforts to allow direct to U.S. customer auto sales. She speaks on Bloomberg Television's "In The Loop." (Source: Bloomberg)

Us with more.

In some states it is really not easy at all to buy a template.

Pre-k they have showrooms in 19 states, but in some states like texas you cannot buy a car of the show room and cannot even give you pricing information because of state laws.

Potential buyers need to have it shipped in an unmarked car instead.

At least eight states have considered some kind of bill to limit tesla.

Colorado, virginia, new york, minnesota.

Tesla banking on the model of selling directly to consumers.

The ceo told investors that auto dealers have become a real headache.

They were able to defeat us in texas, and they are making so much progress in north carolina and stopping us in virginia.

I think it is outrageous that they would prevent the diversion of democracy.

That is just wrong.

Tesla has tried its own lobbying technique.

It brought a model s to the statehouse for governors and lawmakers to take a spin.

It did seem to work.

The bill did not go anywhere there.

In texas, dealers did not have as much luck.

What kind of money are these dealers spending?

No question it is not a contest.

Dealers spent more than 86 million on state races between 2003 when tesla was created and last year and have spent more than 53 million on federal campaigns.

To go look at tesla, they spent less than $500,000. that is on state and federal campaigns.

They need to spend more money if they want to play in this fight.

Megan hughes joining us from d.c. moving and shaking this hour, new york mets pitcher matt harvey recovering from what is called tommy john surgery on his right elbow.

One of the few right spots for the mets this past season.

Starting pitcher for the national league.

His elbow gave out and he underwent surgery last month.

Bloomberg caught up with him at a charity auction over the weekend.

Range of motion.

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