It’s Not So Easy to Disrupt Cable Industry: Koyfman

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Nov. 21 (Bloomberg) -- Mo Koyfman, general partner at Spark Capital, discusses the expertise of IAC chairman Barry Diller, the migration of old media in the new media landscape and the difficulty in disrupting the cable industry. He speaks on Bloomberg Television’s “Bloomberg Surveillance.”

Old media style.

Can fossils like him come over to the world you are in?

I was trained by barry diller.

The question is can guys like him help create guys like me.

I think the answer is yes.

I work for him for six years.

I think barry is one of the most creative, thoughtful, and piercing minds that i have ever worked with.

He is not afraid to take anyone on.

Whether he is right about the cable industry is a different story, but he has the stomach to go after them.

I think that is brilliant about you train a young guy like you.

He has trained so many others.

The idea of mainstream media coming over to your world, are you optimistic in 2014 that that trend can continue or is it a wasted exercise?

If you look at the media landscape, you have to break it into its components.

People talk about media with a capital m, and that is not the right way to think about it.

If you look at the newspaper business, historically it has never been the best of the media businesses.

The cable business on the other hand, it may be right for disruption from a programming point of view.

It is going to be undo any time into the foreseeable future.

If you look at the stocks, they have shown profits.

We have to understand who is vulnerable and who is not.

The people most vulnerable are the newspapers and in some instances, magazines and niche properties.

I don't think comcast is in trouble anytime soon.

Aren't kids going to stop?

My kids -- my younger brothers do not want to pay a cable bill anymore.

Why should they pay for internet?

How do they get a netflix?

The same people providing you with a cable services providing you with internet.

The ticket prices lower.

It is, but you have to imagine that ticket prices for internet are going to start climbing.

They will do differential pricing for different levels of service.

Kids are going to want faster internet.

I am not saying over the top will not disrupt cable programming, we did that with fox.

-- a company we invested in.

We want to get a quick data check on the mat.

Take a look at where the movement is.

Futures are up 2.5% on the s&p. good morning, everyone.

"bloomberg surveillance." all of our interviews, including our conference here in chicago out at bloombergtv plus on the ipad, bloomberg radio plus on itunes.

It is the year ahead 2014. a terrific set of interviews today.

We have the ceos from walgreens and the mayo clinic.

I am tom keene.

In new york, matthew miller and alix steel.

Alix, good morning.

I'm freezing on the set.

It was windy last night.

It is not pretty when you're by linkmen if -- lake michigan.

We're talking about twitter.

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