It Is Obvious GE Will Win Alstom Deal: Dembik

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June 16 (Bloomberg) -- Saxo Bank Analyst Christopher Dembik discusses the proposed Alstom deal with Siemens and Mitsubishi, and why a deal with GE is more likely. He speaks with Anna Edwards on Bloomberg Television’s “On The Move.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Good morning.

It is getting more messy.

What we expect from siemens is due an offer and you deal today.

-- to offer a new deal today.

From what we know, siemens would like to buy energy assets of alstom, but only regarding the gas turbine.

Regarding mitsubishi, they might by 10% shares of alstom.

It is getting very messy, but we will know in the next hour.

What do we know about the government's involvement?

What is the french government doing on the sidelines?

You might be very surprised.

The minister is strongly supporting a deal between siemens and alstom.

He was working over the weekend with siemens and mitsubishi on a deal without concluding -- including alstom, which is a bizarre way to do business.

But let's talk about where this with -- let's talk about where this would beat if we saw a deal with siemens, where this would lead ge.

Are we going to see ge come back to the table?

We can expect ge to come back to the table with something more.

What we expect is something simple.

It might be a tarp -- a partnership regarding energy grade business with other french companies.

It would be something more, but already, ge has made many compromises to please the french government.

Ge will import jobs and most of the business will stay in france . ge is a strong partner and it has been for more than 100 years.

I do not think it will lose this deal.

The french government has been working on -- with siemens and japanese partners on a deal here, christopher.

What do we know what alstrom wants to get out of this?

Will would be best for the alstrom -- alstom board?

Nothing new regarding the alstom board.

The ceo is strongly supporting ge's bid.

I think he had only one phone call last week with mitsubishi ceo and i did not talk much about the deal.

Alstom, the only purpose is to reach an agreement with ge.

Ge will win this battle.

It is obvious for me.

What is the timescale on all of this?

We can have a formal offer from siemens on mitsubishi.

Siemens ceo will go to france and will meet with parliament.

We expect upper management of ge and mitsubishi will meet in france.

The deadline for the deal is next week, the 23rd.

We should expect alstrom -- alstom will make an agreement with ge.

Ask thank you for -- thank you for joining us.

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