Israeli Army Identifies Name of Missing Soldier

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July 22 (Bloomberg) -- Sergeant Oron Shaul “is the soldier whose identification process is yet to be completed,” the Israeli army says in an e-mailed statement. Elliott Gotkine reports on “Bloomberg Surveillance.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Of the people of israel to the idea of one soldier being held, dead or alive, by hamas.

Tom, israel has experienced this kind of thing before, but let's be clear -- we do not know exactly about the situation right now.

I have a press release from the israeli armed forces simply naming the soldier as aron shaul.

His identification process has yet to be completed, however, if hamas is indeed holding a number isn israeli soldier come it would potentially be a bargaining chip for hamas.

The last time hamas did kidnap an israeli soldier in 2006, hamas swap them for the freedom of 1000 palestinian prisoners.

If they are rolling a soldier dead or alive, they would presumably try to exact as high a price as possible for returning him.

What is the likelihood of increased israeli defense force attacks given this new news, or for that matter just a continuation of the days of this war?

I think it certainly has the potential to complicate matters.

Israel might be less inclined to get its forces out of the gaza strip until such time as it is clear and has clarified exactly what happened to the soldier, who is believed to be an armored personnel carrier that was hit by an antitank missile come on sunday, which was the bloodiest day so far.

The fighting is still going on.

There are still many palestinians dying, israeli soldiers dying, and this could complicate matters in terms of finalizing a cease-fire.

I'm not think that will make any difference right at this moment just yet.

Elliott, it is easy to talk about numbers and not relate to them.

585 people in hamas now dead.

It is a horrific number.

Again, it is just a number.

If we start getting more sort of personal, whether it is this particular soldier or somebody else, does that change the complexion of what is happening?

Look, i think we're up to 29 israelis killed so far, so from israel's perspective, i think it has the broad support of multiple in the country because of the objective of stopping these rockets from being fired into israel, which israel from the left and the right would agree is not a tolerable situation.

I was just reading an editorial by david landau, who also wrote a book on ariel sharon's life, he says if you carry out attacks which have inevitable consequences come even if the consequence is on intentional, than it is wrong in jewish law and morally.

And of course a very large number of civilian casualties on

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