Israel Suspends Gaza Attacks in Partial Cease-Fire

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July 30 (Bloomberg) -- Israel will halt its attacks in certain parts of Gaza to allow for a four-hour humanitarian pause. Bloomberg’s Elliott Gotkine reports on “Bloomberg Surveillance.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Army confirming a four-hour humanitarian cease-fire in gaza that will begin in just over 10 minutes from now, 8:00 a.m. eastern time.

That is 3:00 p.m. local time.

We will go to elliott gotkine.

What do you think prompted this latest cease-fire?

I don't know.

They have been trying to get a humanitarian cease-fire, or any kind of cease-fire for a number of days.

But i think this is the first one agreed upon by the -- by both sides said saturday.

It is only four hours long.

Second, previous cease-fires have been breached with rockets being fired from gaza into israel and israel retaliating.

And finally, it is just part of gaza and not all of gaza.

What happens in a cease-fire?

Technically, there should not be any rocket launches or fighting.

But what does each side do during that four-hour break echo -- four-hour break?

It's a cease-fire is actually holding, then you would expect no ground operations or maneuvers from the part of the israeli defense forces, no airstrikes, and no rockets being fired by militants into israel or israeli forces being engaged.

Previous cease-fires have said -- have is really saying they will still trying to seek out those tunnels and destroy them.

But you would imagine a humanitarian cease-fire would be of a similar find.

The power plant in, a fuel tank was hit and effectively shutting off power and water for the entire region.

It has been called the collective punishment of the palestinian people.

I wonder if that changes the humanitarian issue dramatically.

A couple of things on that.

First, israel says they did not intend to hit that power plant, which i believe the gaza electric corporation says it could take up to a year.

Israel does provide electricity to the gaza strip come and it will not do anything for the monetary situation in gaza.

There will be other forms of power, for example, diesel for generators.

They will have to used off the grid.

But you're right, the man attorney and situation there is already pretty desperate.

What is the's -- the humanitarian situation there is already pretty desperate.

What is the possibility that something might happen the other thing that enables this for hours to become 12 hours, or even a couple of days?

Let's just hope that we get through those forced -- those four hours without it being breached.

We cannot get ahead of ourselves.

We have heard reports that the egyptians do not want to host both sides until there is a cease-fire on the ground.

And until such time, there is no point in traveling to cairo to talk about a more permanent cease-fire.

I'm sorry, that's not the most optimistic answer you were hoping for.

We have certainly seen, as you have pointed out, the cease-fire has been broken before.

Elliott gotkine from tel aviv.

Michael, you have lived through crises like this.

What is your take on this particular one?

Use the word fat, which used before.

This has been -- the word fat, which you used before.

This has been such -- the word sad, which you used before.

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