Israel Halts Fire for Humanitarian Relief in Gaza

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Aug. 4 (Bloomberg) -- Israel held its fire in parts of the Gaza Strip to allow for humanitarian relief as violence defied diplomatic efforts to end four weeks of conflict. Bloomberg’s David Wainer reports on “Bloomberg Surveillance.” (Source: Bloomberg)

What is different within this truce?

Israel proclaims this unilateral truce -- did they do it from world pressure?

Israel has not said that.

I think it is a question you raise fairly if you look at recent headlines that can mount and what is happening last night.

The shelling of the un's school and at least 10 people dead, that is the third time that such an incident happened.

There is a bit more pressure on israel.

The united states ambassadors.

He talked about a horrifying incident.

So, yes.

What happens when this truce ends?

Your guess is as good as mine.

As you have understood and pointed out, since the last truce, israel alleged that hamas broke the truce as it try to capture one soldier and kill another.

Israel is saying, look, we tried to give you a truce.

We have agreed on truces with you guys before.

But it did not lead to anything.

We cannot trust thomas.

We will do things unilaterally -- we cannot trust hamas.

We will do things unilaterally from here on out.

The fighting continues in a city on the border with egypt.

Israel continues to detonate tunnels.

Prime minister benjamin netanyahu commented that there would be a pivot in strategy moving assets in or out of gaza.

This that reflect some sort of a -- does that reflect some sort of a pullout?

Does that necessarily sit well with the israeli people?

Nen yahoo!

Has been under pressure to make some sort of decision.

-- benjamin netanyahu has been under pressure to make some sort of decision.

He was under pressure from the army to take thousands of those ground forces that were sitting near the border and were basically open targets and move them out and redeployed some others.

Airstrikes continue.

Whether this has back up from the people is hard to say right now.

I will say that there is overwhelming support here in israel for this operation.

Since the beginning, people want to see israel deal a blow to hamas.

How they do it, those are things that are a bit more extreme.

Thank you so much.

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