Islamic State Video Shows U.S. Journalist Execution

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Aug. 20 (Bloomberg) -- Phil Mattingly reports on the Islamic State militant group’s claim that it beheaded an American journalist in Iraq. Mattingly speaks on “In The Loop.” (Source: Bloomberg)

A man they claimed has kidnapped a u.s. journalist.

They plan to rescue another american citizen if the u.s. continues airstrikes.

For more on the situation in iraq, i am joined by phil mattingly here on set.

The u.s. has been expanding its presence in terms of airstrikes in iraq.

Will this affect anything the u.s. decides to do over the next several days and weeks?

No, and if anything, we will have the opposite effect.

We have not heard from president obama yet.

We had a statement from the white house yesterday saying they were trying to confirm if this video was authentic.

Intelligence community is in the same boat right now, but it is really sure this is the real deal.

That is something you have to expect you will hear from the president at some point soon want this is officially confirmed.

If you go by what happened in 2003 and 2004 in iraq where beheadings became an issue as well, this was a push back i the administration, almost strengthening their resolve, more or less.

What do we know about james foley?

We know he was a front-line photographer.

The academy of the guy that told us all of the stories most of us are too afraid to go find.

He was more or less a freelancer.

He had been taken captive in libya at one point by pro-gaddafi forces.

His family has been very active on facebook, trying to raise money and try to figure out some kind of way to get him back.

On their facebook page, his mom put out a statement last night.

These are the type of journalists in danger every day and tell people the stories they would not get every -- would not get otherwise.

There is another american journalist said to be held captive, and that is the second person they are threatening to behead?

Both -- correct.

They believe it is scott -- he was in a similar orange jumpsuit.

This also underscores there are a number of journalists missing in syria.

If you look internationally, there are a half-dozen to a dozen.

Concern on the u.s. official site not only with scott being next, but a number of journalists have been detained and this is something we could see more and more.

It sort of speaks to how barbaric this can be.

Over the last few months, you have heard the attorney general eric holder trying to hammer home the idea this group is a very foreign threat.

Groups are going over to serious training and fighting and having the ability to get back.

The u.s. has not paid much attention to whether or not there is an international threat here.

This underscore is there is a real threat out here, one the law enforcement and intel community happened hang close attention to four months.

Thank you.

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