Islamic State Militants Seize Air Base in Syria

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Aug. 25 (Bloomberg) -- Islamic State militants seized a Syrian air base, dislodging forces loyal to President Bashar al-Assad from the their last stronghold in the northeastern Raqqa province. Phil Mattingly reports on “In The Loop.” (Source: Bloomberg)

The first to be fully outside of the control of president bush are us -- all aside.

-- president assad.

The gains come as a lot of people are paying closer attention to what the islamic state are doing in iraq and how they have pushed back -- been pushed back by iraq he forces.

What happened over about five days of fighting in the northeastern part of syria was these militants were able to not only overtake one of the largest military bases the syrian forces hold, but also gain complete control over province.

This is the largest robbins to be taken outside the control of assad and his government forces.

The complexity u.s. officials are facing as they look at how to do with the islamic state.

There is a real chance that airstrikes are expanded from not just iraq but into syria.

If you are doing something like that, you are actually going out and helping assad, the individual the president stated two or three years ago must step down and go away.

A lot of complex issues here.

The fact the islamic state is continuing to make major gains in syria only complicates the process that u.s. officials are having to deal with.

Not just in syria.

I believe they took over an airport in libya as well.

It looks like they are putting up a window across the board

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