Is Your Favorite Brand Owned by a Chinese Company?

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Dec. 17 (Bloomberg) –- On today’s “Global Outlook,” Julie Hyman reports on China’s corporate footprint in the U.S. on Bloomberg Television’s “Street Smart.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Moviegoers sitting in those plush red leather seats at amc theaters may not realize a portion of their ticket fees goes over to china.

That's because it's owned by a chinese businessman.

The question becomes what other chinese companies own well-known brand here in the u.s.? our very own julie hyman takes a look.

The company that owns amc is based in china and owned by china's third richest man.

He bought amc in 2012 and will be selling it in the ipo and is investing heavily in entertainment in his homeland.

But there are some other companies that are known brands owned by chinese companies.

One of them is lenovo.

That's an obvious example.

They bought ibm's pc business.

Originally, the computers were branded as ibm thinkpad than three years and, lenovo held this ceremony, peeled off the ibm stickers and put on lenovo stickers instead.

Also come a smithfield come at the more recent deal.

It went under a lot of congressional scrutiny before being bought for $4.7 billion.

Click -- rex smithfield is a meat processor and there were members of congress trying to make the case that this was a national security issue.

It's not necessarily that, but there is some concern that the quality standards in china are not what they are in the u.s. say what you will -- they have had problems going in that direction rather than coming in this direction if you are looking at where the pork is going.

One more i want to mention is volvo.

They are not a u.s. brand, but very well-known in the u.s. and owned by a chinese company.

Any deal flow?

There has been a good amount of deal flow for the past 10 years or so.

One big deal that was canceled was see note trying to buy unocal.

That was scuttled by congress and that the freeze on chinese-

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