Is Your Car a Potential Security Risk?

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July 24 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg’s Jordan Robertson reports on the potential for hackers to compromise connected cars. He speaks on “Bloomberg West.” (Source: Bloomberg)


Is that what you are saying?

Yes, thanks for having me on.

They can, and they have more connections every day.

Wi-fi, bluetooth, gps, and that allows hackers to potentially hack your car like they do with your computer except with your car you have the threat of slamming on the brakes or popping doors or disabling alarms.

Someone argue that cars are safer if they have gps capabilities, etc.. how do you weigh the risks versus the advantages?

Google certainly makes a strong argument that the more you have self driving cars, that can illuminate a lot of the surprises of human drivers but you also have to factor in that hackers are creative.

If they spot an opening, that is potentially a threatening thing.

Could hackers start driving the car to a different destination?

They can.

Once you control the car, once you get into the central nervous system of the car, you can do anything you want him and just like a computer.

You could force it to accelerate, stop, drive it somewhere else.

It depends on how much control the car allows a computer to have, but you can basically take over the whole thing if you have the right levels of access.

That is a downside and need to be considered.

If manufacturers are aware of these risks, what kind of securities can they put in place to prevent this from happening?

There are some companies that are pretty forward-looking on this.

Tesla was a supporter of a hacking competition.

This month in china, researchers show that they can do some pretty bad things to tesla cars, but by hiring researchers, these researchers can figure out how to limit access.

It is a problem the computer makers have faced and it is extending to cars.

Hiring good people.

That is the central thing.

Jordan robertson, it never ends, the potential and reach of hikers -- hackers.

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