Is Yahoo Standing in Alibaba’s Shadow?

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Jan. 28 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg’s Cory Johnson and Mark Milian reports on Yahoo forecast sales that trail estimates with Pimm Fox on Bloomberg Television’s “Taking Stock”. (Source: Bloomberg)

Sales were on move but profits were up.

Sales were down 2%. there is a lot of cost-cutting in the quarter which helped him get the ebs number up.

To me this is a classic illustration of the problems with the business journals and how leads compared to estimates.

Estimate u things are getting better or worse.

Compared to last year things are getting worse in terms of revenue.

We had four consecutive quarters from yahoo!

With no growth whatsoever.

This is a midst the time that the company is spending well over $1 billion in acquisitions trying to buy traffic to its site.

Revenue is falling.

They spent more than $1 billion on acquisitions to buy traffic and it is not adding much in terms of growing the business.

Struggles in the advertising world continue.

The struggles continue after-hours.

Shares are down about 4.5% for yahoo!. what is working at the company of anything?

Is the stake and alley bob i? -- alibaba?

Is a positive point for the company.

They own about a quarter of alley bob a. -- alabama -- alibaba.

That company continues to outperform.

If you live in china and you have a package coming to your door there is a 70% chance that it came from3 alibaba.

They are dominant in china and yahoos writing the weight -- wave.

-- yahoo!

Is riding the wave.

What i think you see in the stock prices the excitement over the alibaba ipo and the alley bob a business as mark was describing.

I think also this fed-fueled excitement about the periphery of the markets where there is a potential for electric cars are solar stock -- wait, wait.

Why don't the folks that alibaba -- at alibaba make an acquisition and acquire yahoo!? i would ask you, why would they want yahoo!

When they are doing well and yahoos having trouble?

That the difficulty here.

I think that you can connect a lot of the dots, what is going on, with yahoo!


The one thing be don't see there is after 34 acquisition in the last three years is growth.

What the strategy?

To keep doing it until something sticks on the wall?

I think that is their plan.

The hiring of katie couric to create new media content.

Never well received weather app.

They're trying to create places people will go and waste used to go.

Hangers on still go to yahoo!

Because they made it the home page for their browser.

Those of the products they're trying to emulate with other things that have not got area.

Thank you very much.

Cory johnson and mark milian.

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