Is Yahoo's Turnaround in Trouble?

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July 16 (Bloomberg) -- Cory Johnson reports on Marissa Mayer's first year as Yahoo CEO and the company's performance on "Drilldown" on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg West." (Source: Bloomberg)

So, do they want such a rise?

More than 70%? putting the balance sheet aside, the stock move has really shown you something.

It shows optimism about what could happen at yahoo.

Straight up into the right, a 70 three percent again.

If you look at the 10 year chart, you get a very different story.

They have squandered opportunities, given up their business to google, and are even trying to save themselves in a deal with microsoft that has not yielded the results they had hoped for.

There has been a lot of excitement, a lot of activity.

We have seen some employees with renewed interests, but fundamentally sales have continued to stall.

They reported one quarter that was not too bad.

When we look at this company, we have seen four of the last six quarters of decline.

Are we going to see progress or is it too soon?

The expectations, the guidance, the way this whole thing works.

The analyst estimates will not tell us much of a surprise.

While we expect sales growth to be pretty flat year over year, what will be interesting is to see the details and that is how many clicks they get.

What we have seen from yahoo is a pretty steady increase on a year-over-year basis on the number of clicks.

That is a really solid thing.

The value has been all over the place, this has been a really positive and consistent trend.

Display ads, which is where the real big money is an online advertising, this has been a disaster for yahoo.

Yes, the declines have improved.

They continue to have massive shrinkage in their display business and that is not a good thing.

They are doing something differently for this earnings call.

It will be an earnings webcast.

I cannot think of a time.

I cannot think of any companies that would do a regular video.

There is a secret again that goes on during the conference call with a look at the list of asking questions.

They will scribble or they will whisper to each other.

We will not see that part.

They get the cues that they want to answer.

They will avoid those at all cost.

They will go to their friends in these conference calls.

It will be interesting to see a little bit behind the scenes there.

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