Is Wall Street Poised for Bonus Gloom?

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Oct. 31 (Bloomberg) -- On today's "The Roundup," Julie Hyman, Adam Johnson, Matt Miller and Alix Steel wrap up the day's top market stories on Bloomberg Television's "Street Smart." (Source: Bloomberg)

Time for the round up of stories we're tracking.

It is going to be a blue christmas on wall street.

Goldman sachs, along with the investment banking divisions of six european rivals, they are only setting aside 39% of revenue for compensation.

Down from as much as 50% before the financial crisis.

Last year it was the mid-40's. they said bankers should take weekends off?

Goldman sachs saying younger bankers should take weekends off.

Rising revenue at many banks is stoking the hopes for bonuses, but instead they going to try to shrink compensation.

Trying to improve return on neck woody.

It used to be you could get 15% return on equity year in and year out.

They can do that since they brought the leverage down.

My banker friend today said that flat is the new up.

It seems a lot of people will be happy with no change.

Or do they go elsewhere?

One of the things -- losing the benefit of carried interest.

One of the things goldman is trying to do, you can have the weekends off because we don't want you to stay.

-- we want you to stay.

Please don't leave.

Morgan stanley will try to keep compensation unchanged.

Is is not -- it is not going to drop, obviously.

If you are going to work that hard, you might as well be compensated for it.

You are going to go to a hedge fund or private equity firm where you can dress casually and will get a payout on 20% of every dollar you make.

The federal aviation administration announced they will finally allow passengers to use electronic devices during all phases of flight, including take off and landing.

I am so excited by this.

Have you not been doing it anyway?

I follow the rules.

I am always the person on the plane.

It happens today.

I was talking about phone and they said, please turn off -- you can't talk on the phone.

You will be able to text, though.

You can't text.

From gate to gate.

It is in airplane mode.

It is a little misleading.

You will be able to listen to music, do whatever -- this is the best.

For those of us with children who have to say, sorry, you can't watch the movie until they say it is ok, now they can watch while you are taking off.

This is one step closer to having the person next to you talk for three hours during a flight or be really of noxious.

-- obnoxious.

If there is one reprieve you get, it is when you are on a flight.

I can just go to sleep or listen to music or watch a movie.

What do you guys do when you are on a flight and somebody starts talking to you?

Do you say i'm sorry, but i've worked to do?

I new york out on them.

Tunnel vision.

You don't look at them, you don't acknowledge them.

You do it you are doing and they keep talking and then they go away.

One time i said, please stop talking.

Of course you did.

I can see adam doing that.

There is a please in there.

Lee stop talking.

June of 2012, greek stocks were nearly downgraded to a merging market status -- emerging market status.

But since then, they have become the best performing stocks in the world.

Shares on the athens exchange are up 146% as they emerged out of their recession.

This is what we have been hearing from investors.

They like europe.

Interesting that they like greece.

What was your line?

What goes down -- what goes up, must come down.

But now we are going to reverse it.

The msci is now allowing greece to be labeled as an emerging market economy.

That will bring in a lot of index funds only allowed to invest in emerging markets.

It is also the equivalent of penny stocks, though.

Very small group of stocks.

Not a lot of liquidity.

If you have john paulson coming in to buy the stuff with some serious firepower, he is going to move the market.

They also have a lot of problems.

They still have a lot of debt.

They still have to -- there were protests happening in greece because the greece government is talking about introducing a new property tax.

They will vote on that this weekend.

Looking for volatility, you

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