Vine Star Logan Paul: Why I Have 3.7M Followers

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April 7 (Bloomberg) -- Vine Influencer Logan Paul discusses his advertising related video pranks and stunts on Bloomberg Television's “Market Makers.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Seconds, what do you have that makes companies think you can sell for the?

M? great content that is quality, clean, energetic.

Four seconds.


Something about the pants ripping, able think that they can sell.

The production quality is top-notch.

It is more than just a six second.

D video.

People want to know what happened.

But the ants are always on before the vine can vibrate them off and then people asking what is happened.

You jumped in some sort of pipe.

Have you ever hurt yourself?


I want to put a little more humor and did things than just hurting myself.

These are grazing clips -- crazy clips.

But i'm a pretty funny guy.

Were you a dancer to start with?

Everyone asked me that, they asked if i was in jail later origin is, and i'm not.

I was just flexible.

-- i was a dancer or a gymnast, and i am not.

I just flexible.

Use that in our studio for 30 minutes, you created something, i want to see it.

Of course.

Oh my gosh.

That looks like it really hurts.

The jeans and boots made it harder.

Are you making a fool of these companies?

If i'm a big-time ceo, and i said i will pay for this, art of me feels like that ceo feels like a shmuck.

I think rants, that is what they're trying to do.

Make people laugh.

Does it surprise or amaze you that take so much trouble to reach that audience?

It does.

A that is so easy.

I am my own demographic and because i know what is funny.

I was been times that i have spent hours making something, and if it doesn't work, it doesn't. 10 minutes to three hours for six seconds.

A lot of people do not expect that.

Three hours for six second sound like a lot, but things about what goes into a commercial, months and months and millions of dollars.

As we all know of their the best car commercials of the single most uncreative thing.

Are you going to get a job out of school to do this full-time?

That is the big question.

Are you going to drop out of school?

The only dilemma i have is this is not necessarily sustainable.

You could migrate to another platform.

That is what we're trying to do.

Where do you want to go?


Tv, movies, anything outside of strictly social media.

Do you have a whole team?


How does all of this happened?

Do you consider this 15 minutes of fame, or do you think you want to take this -- plan to be how you define this business.

My fans have come to love my personality.

My engagement on all of my social media is awesome because i have people who love me more than just logan paul acting in a movie, or on instagram, they fall in love with my personality.

I can see why you want to do something that last longer than six against -- seconds.

Why go with old media like tv or movies?

Isn't a platform like -- it goes back to the whole sustainable thing.

You flipped backwards over a car?

It goes back to the whole sustainable thing.

I'm not sure sure that social media sustainable, but movies and television is.

Fast-forward seven years, this was a flash in the pan, and you look like a fool.

What is seven years from now you decide to pursue an engineering career, and these videos live on forever.

Having thought about those consequences?

The movies that snoop dogg was in, girls gone wild, i think they were a great time, but most people cannot -- probably a big mistake.

I'm not too worried about that, i am the person that was my mind to something and it will happen.

If i want to pursue this, i will make it happen.

Or your parents.

When you first started doing this every even what a smart kid you are, and he got into engineering school, did they think this was a good move?

They didn't think it was a bad move.

They are neutral about it.

What a thousand dollars, ok.

$1 million, they thought it was kind of series working with big brands.

How lucrative is this for you?

Pretty lucrative for a college students.

I do not want to say exactly how lucrative, but for a college students we can get our hands on anything.

Working with the biggest brands in the world is incredible.

They're trying to reach a younger demographic of their tried to expand into places they have not hit.

Vine is so new and primed for those kind of emotions -- promotions, they can find me and i am popping.

This man is a vine celebrity,

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