Is Uber the Symbol of a New Wave Tech Bubble?

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June 10 (Bloomberg) -- Dixon Doll, talks with Betty Liu about why he believes Uber deserves its $17 billion valuation, fears of a developing bubble as tech valuations climb to new heights and how he sees technology easing the student debt burden. He speaks on Bloomberg Television’s “In The Loop.”

Is the general partner of capital firms who says he totally gets white luby's story -- uber's story is so valuable.

Five -- there is a new class of investors who did not come into the round expecting to make 10 times of their money anytime in the near future.

I think uber deserves a lot of the credit it is that -- you guessed.

It has done a fabulous job e-cig eating.

Many collies i talked to here in the venture business here in the bay area and elsewhere, say it is the fastest-growing company they have ever seen.

That includes some of the in dash the early investors in ebay area -- he may.

-- ebay.

They have done a job in the global market.

It is so disruptive.

One of the recent comments, they're ultimately planning to cause people to not have to buy cars anymore.

When you look at some of the convenience factors it provides in relation to the hassles you have to go through with alternative means of transportation, very excited about the company aaron -- company.

Maybe it does deserve a valuation.

Is there a danger factor here with uber being at $17 billion, that that is bringing other companies more into bubble territory?

We're starting to get inflated valuations.

Class i've paid a lot of attention to this stuff and look through the 2000 rubble.

I think we have a lot of companies now that are achieving rich evaluations.

I do not think we are in the same territory as we were back then with suing us for companies getting insane valuations and they did not have revenue or rock that -- profits.

What is the difference this time?

A lot of real companies are getting the valuations.

This is an absolutely real and disruptive and truly transformational company.

The people going in, they should expect, if things go well, they should expect to make at least 2-3 their money in the next three years and that is very different in the early stage game we have always late, where you go in when nothing is very proven and hope you can work on it and get her that -- get better than it -- a 10x. i want to switch topics really like to another company you invested in.

It is trying to answer or disrupt the student loan market.

Yesterday, we have the president amount at the white house, expanding their program to help student debt.

Many say government programs have not helped area where and technology and a company like this help in terms of heat is -- using the student debt burden?

As we have talked about it in the past very i do not think there is any way the government can compete with entrepreneurial companies like one of the best companies, sophie.

These guys are executing like banshees.

They just completed -- they're very close to a month and they will do $100 million in new loans.

They are branching out into new segments.

They're doing a reprise an art beginning to think about doing mortgages for young people that of already done business with them.

We are having a hard time finding capital to move into their first house.

They're building great relationships with a terrific set of clients.

Clients we will have to leave it there.

Thank you for joining us.

We will be back in two minutes.


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