Is Uber Price Gouging Riders With Surge Policy?

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Dec. 30 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg's Matt Miller reports on Uber's controversial surge pricing policy. He speaks with Cory Johnson on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg West." (Source: Bloomberg)

Potential controversy with a video explaining new year's eve is in fact the most expensive time to take a ride.

Take a look.

If you are at a party at 1:00 a.m. and you would like to get home economically, like, you know, with a relatively inexpensive ride, wait until 2:00. if you can, it will go well.

If you absolutely need a ride between 1:00 and 3:00 a.m., google will be very reliable but it will be pricey and you have to expect that.

For more, i want to bring in matt miller in new york.

What are you doing tomorrow night?

Class i do not have any plans yet.

If you have anything interesting in new york, please tell me after the show.

A lot of people will spend a lot of money, basically, taking in hoover, or, if they are smart, they will wait until a different time to use mover, or use an alternative method of travel, either a taxi or yellow cab or book a car in advance or ride the subway.

It has been really controversial, the surge pricing policy, ever since the snowstorm that caused many people including celebrities like jerry seinfeld's life, hundreds of dollars -- of thousands of dollars less.

Insider wrote a story about jerry seinfeld's life who wrote a cook or something and she paid $400 in change to get her kids to a sleepover and then she took to instagram to complain about this, even though her husband has a billion dollars, and said, never again.

This is too expensive.

For a normal person, that is understandable.

Jessica seinfeld did not have to book an uber.

The surge pricing model very clearly shows you it is going to be expensive.

You have to agree to the more expensive rate before you can book a car.

Class that is -- that is the consumer side of it.

It is interesting this business is struggling to make a name for themselves.

I wonder what that does to the ability to grow the business.

How smart they are.

Are they really doubting for prices?

Is the problem that no one else has surge pricing?

The model is really intelligent.

If you have this kind of surge pricing, you will get more drivers, more supplies to increase demand.

Left a man -- left demand.

Consumers seek publicity and maybe not like it, they are learning about the policy.

The drivers are getting more.

Class i think it is good not just for them but for everyone.

If we would all think about the way this works and why, we would have a much more -- environment in which to travel.

To your point about not having surge pricing, i have a confession.

What is the statute of limitations in new york city for breaking the law?

Class d you have to tell me.

When i was driving a yellow cab in new york a long time ago, on new year's eve, i took the off-duty light on about a half- hour before midnight and people come to the car and asked me how much a fair was and i asked them how much they got.

There was a lot of surge pricing.

It was illegal.

It does happen.

That is price gouging.

It is different when you do not set up.

Most taxi drivers will be doing the same thing this new year's. the point is, with uber, they tell you ahead of time.

You are not forced to pay their

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