Is Twitter’s Design Test About Following Facebook?

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Feb. 12 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg News’ Sarah Frier examines Twitter’s test of a redesign and how it resembles the user experience of Facebook on Bloomberg Television’s “Bloomberg West.”

Tell us about this test.

The company said on their earnings call that they were going to be trying to make twitter more approachable for users.

They're going to emphasize pictures and make it easier to understand.

This is a move in that direction.

People are very familiar with facebook.

Facebook has 1.2 billion users and twitter has 241 million.

To me, it's not about the size of the audience, it's about the success of growing the audience.

The numbers show them struggling for user growth.

Like they only added 9 million numbers in the quarter.

A million in the u.s. i use twitter because it's different from facebook and i can see more in a quick look that i can scanning my facebook page.

But yesterday, i walked around and talked to people about why they were or were not using twitter.

Out of a dozen people i asked, nobody was a twitter user except one guy.

That one guy had not tweeted in a year.

And this is in san francisco.

And a quarter were they announced their ipo, they got all kinds of universal threat -- universal press average.

You also saw the number of timeline views -- timeline views per user declined in the quarter.

Is that the best way to consider user encasement?

Lex twitter says you want to look at how many retweets and favorites happen per timeline.

Why don't they release that kind of data?

They have said some tweaks to their design have allowed more engagement and engagement has gone up.

Search engagement has gone up.

So it is possible to change the design in such a way that users engage more and that is what and the whole team is betting on this year, that they can do it with design.

It is just a test.

Sarah frier, thank you for

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