Is Twitter's Flip-Flop on`Blocking' a Smart Move?

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Dec. 13 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg Contributing Editor Paul Kedrosky and Bloomberg's Sarah Frier discuss Twitter's change of strategy with Emily Chang on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg West." (Source: Bloomberg)

Day before the they decided to reinstate the old policy.

It's turned the block feature into a mute function.

People blocked could read or retweet.

I am joined by sarah.

I will start with you.

Smart move or not smart to backtrack?

It was clearly getting a lot of heat from people who said this would cause them to be further harassed either stalkers or people who hated them in other ways.

They could still see their profile pictures.

They can still interact.

I use twitter all of the time that i definitely block people.

What do you think?

This is a big public company now . one day reversing.

Is it a good thing they are so open to this or a bad thing that they change your mind so quickly?

I wanted to say it is a good thing.

What is now a riddle.

A public company can change its mind so quickly after really noisy feedback.

It seems like it should be a good thing but it is not really.

It speaks to the process.

How in the world do you make a decision like this and not anticipate the kind of feedback you get?

Whenever somebody block somebody, people are just being punks about it and the blocking people and say yeah, i block you.

There are examples that became public.

People talking about their experience with abuse and harassment.

You can still see some of the tweets on public websites.

Psychologically and fractional, -- impractical, it had implications.

A version of the function and not expect people to, crawling down your tweets.

The argument it is public anyway, why they did in the first place is very different isn't it from how facebook has dealt with things like they made changes?

Users are very used to seeing a different version of a new speed our change in a feature and being told this is how it is.

You will forget it would -- was different.

They know best.

It also has his own issues.

You have to know your users.

A lot of products that have failed with users like facebook home and they are not testing enough.

Twitter is sort of a knee-jerk reaction could be a risk in the

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