Is Twitter's $12.8B Valuation Fair?

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Oct. 4 (Bloomberg) -- Microventures CEO Tim Sullivan discusses Twitter's IPO and valuation with Deirdre Bolton on Bloomberg Television's "Money Moves." (Source: Bloomberg)


I think the valuation suggests about $13 billion.

I think it is pretty reasonable looking at facebook two months ago at $45 billion.

Given twitter's unharvested or an yielded data that is coming from their unlimited tweets and the numbers of trillions around the world over time, i think that they have a lot to grow into.

They have a really bright future.

You mentioned facebook and i'm just bringing this up because you are an investor.

It is a foregone conclusion that i probably should not jinx it for twitter, but that ipo will go better than facebook's right?

I would hope so.

I would think facebook has made a number of mistakes.

I think twitter's team appears to be a lot more professional going into the ipo.

They have done a great job managing their company and their secondary market trading.

Probably better than anyone i have ever dealt with.

If they limit the number of shares coming out of the ipo, if they don't have any technology problems at facebook did and limit insider selling they could really have a fantastic ipo.

Going forward, what do you think of the ad model?

This is something facebook had to crack as well, focusing on in stream ads, leveraging these kind of natural occurring social activities, which is essentially what the site is all about.

I think the ad model is working pretty well for twitter.

I think moore reportedly they have cracked the code on the mobile side of things.

Again, i would really like to focus more on the data that has unbelievable values.

We had a little technical error soy did not hear the last part of what you said but i heard you referring to facebook and the fact that it took it as while -- took a while to crack the mobile code.

Twitter has been a platform that started in the mobile environment on smartphones, as opposed to facebook, which was really a tablet-based format.

I think it has huge advantages.

Take you as always.

Glad to chat with you.

Tim sullivan joining us from san francisco.

An early investor in twitter and

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