Is Twitter Leaning Toward NYSE for IPO Listing?

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Sept. 24 (Bloomberg) –- Bloomberg’s Julie Hyman reports on the Twitter IPO spurring a horse race among exchanges. She speaks with Emily Chang on Bloomberg Television’s “Bloomberg West.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Suspended trading for hours.

For more, i want to go to julie hyman in new york.

At this point, is this the new york stock exchange looking to lose?

It does seem that is the scuttlebutt.

It comes to the check technology arena.

For its part, the nyse will it -- argue in favor of history.

The nasdaq is going to argue for its own reputation.

It is not really important where your stock is listed, as long as you can buy it.

But it is important to the exchange.

It matters to future listings as well.

Apple, google, facebook on the nasdaq.

New or ipos like linkedin and oracle moving over to the nyse.

Mary jo white commented on the governing ipos today.

What did she have to say of a twitter specifically?

Like she was talking about had they disclosed it in a tweet.

Also not given that many details because of new regulations.

That is what she commented on.

Good questions to be raised.

You want to look forward on rules and regulations to see it working as intended.

The short answer is the jobs act does permit that and something the sec looks at confidentially.

We do look at it very carefully.

That is permitted.

Again, mary jo white essentially saying under regulation seems as though nothing has been violated here.

She is referring to the job act that says companies with less than one billion in revenue are not required to disclose as many details when filing to go public.

We will see what kind of details we get as twitter gets closer to the offering.

Is there a feeling on the street that nasdaq has been hurt by the problems by the recent glitch just last month.

There does seem to be.

Definitely when you're talking about the nasdaq outage and what that has done to its chances of getting the reputation more broadly.

Most caution it did happen to nasdaq but could potentially happen anywhere.

Many of these different exchanges are subject to various automated systems.

Automated systems are subject at times to failure.

No guarantee on that front.

All right.

Julie hyman in new york.

To another big story we are following, may be on the verge

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