Is Twitter Going to Be a Must-Buy Stock?

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Oct. 4 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg West Editor-At-Large Cory Johnson examines the business of Twitter as the company seeks $12.8 billion in an IPO. He speaks on Bloomberg Television’s “Bloomberg Surveillance.”

Bloomberg west, he calls it boring.

I don't know about that.

The business is interesting.

The twitter business is interesting.

But it is somewhat consistence.

-- somewhat consistent.

You have fantastic sales growth, fantastic youth of -- fantastic user growth.

You have 440 $8 million in sales and operating a loss of $93 million, $100 million.

They have lost $100 million in the last 12 months and no free cash flow.

What will be the frenzy to acquire shares?

Isn't twitter a must buy for most every mutual fund out there?

I don't know.

It is an interesting technology company.

I have never understood technology investing.

When you pay -- this deal may go on 20 time sales if the numbers -- may be to 30 time sales with no profit evidence.

People who want to buy those kind -- i don't understand why tesla is more valuable than clorox.

What i will say about the businesses they are growing users like crazy.

The user numbers are crazy, doubled users, 218 monthly users in -- much it overseas.

The company had 32 pages of risk in its f1. what do you think is the most significant?

The most significant risk is the advertising out of the -- the advertising environment at large.

They talk about places where other advertising happens online.

Let's talk about billboards and radio and all the places were advertising happens.

The medium is new and i think the most important thing is how advertisers react to it and how to use it, whether they find that it has the efficacy like google has had, find out if it is successful and spend a lot more from the same kind of ads.

The numbers start to suggest that the sales per user are increasing every corner.

That is important not just because of the number of users but they are monetizing that they are monetizing users and encouraging a young business.

Can they find the answers they need, can they get the results they want?

That will be a question that no doubt shows up on the roadshow.

Thank you for joining us early this morning from san francisco.

The president cancels his trip to asia.

Day four of the shutdown in washington and peter cook is our chief political and washington correspondent.

He joins us for the soap opera this morning.

The speaker, to me, is front and center.

What does he want to say that the 30 or 40 republicans are blocking this effort?

The question is whether he is going to hear from those 40 republicans or if he's going to hear from the 20 or so moderate

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