Titanfall: Up All Night With the Xbox Secret Weapon

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March 11 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg News’ Matt Miller reports on the latest the release of “Titanfall” as Microsoft looks for a major bump in sales of Xbox One as it lags behind Sony’s PlayStation4 console on Bloomberg Television’s “In The Loop.”

Night testing it out.


How good is this game?

It is insane.

I have to wear these glasses because i have literally been awake all night.

I'm not for an average playing this game.

Those classes are part of the game, right?


i went to gamestop at midnight and waited in line for a long time out in yonkers, not the met with -- metropolitan hub of new york.

It was packed.

I went to best buy and picked up this game, along with a number of other contraptions that go with it.

It is such a good game that around 6:2330 this morning i gave serious thought to just quitting my job and staying home and playing the game until i was hospitalized.

A lot of people i think will do that.

The effects on the global economy of the game like this are probably a mess.

I hear there are gamers that make lots of money just playing video games.

A lot of tamers really have run into health problems because you lose track of time and beget -- forget to hydrate and eat and eventually passed out.

That literally happened to a kid in ohio and happens to people all the time.

This game is the most important game probably for microsoft to come out since the original halo in 2001. this is a game they hope will drive the console sales to the point where they will not tell us how many they have sold because it is so embarrassing.

Why isn't lagging behind?

A number of reasons.

It is seen as a dedicated gaming console.

It is for the total nerd are never ones to leave his couch to sit at home and just be fed she does while he plays.

But the xbox seen more as a broad solution to a lot of things in your living room.

You can watch tv through it.

Use itunes through it.

You can search the internet through it.

That is maybe one of the reasons.

I personally am a bigger fan of the xbox because halo got me addicted to it back in 2001. all man xbox game and i am never used anything else.

That is what they are hoping they will have with titanfall.

This is created by the people who made call of duty.

That game has sold $10 billion worth of copies.

That embarrasses any kind of movie.

Do you want to wear the things by the way?

They look so good on

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