GolfBoard: The Electric Skateboard for the Course

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June 18 (Bloomberg) -- Laird Hamilton, surfing champion and GolfBoard design consultant, explains how the GolfBoard eliminates the sedentary activity of sitting in a golf cart and adds the excitement of riding a skateboard. He speaks with Pimm Fox on Bloomberg Television's "Taking Stock." (Source: Bloomberg)

Today by about 2.5%. one story about fire, the fire phone, to a story about introducing a spark of interest in golf playing.

One solution is perhaps, golf boards.

What are they?

They are designed to him and made the sedentary activity of sitting in your golf cart, and it is excited -- and it is designed to add excitement, just like riding a skateboard.

Joining me now is surfing legend and golf or design consultant, laird hamilton.

Describe what this golf board is designed to do.

It is virtually an electric skateboard, which normally when you are, you would get arrested if you rode these on the course.

It is an all-wheel drive toward that you play golf on dashboard -- board that you play golf on.

It is also drawing the attention of a lot of younger people because it is fun.

Tell us a little bit about some of your partners in this business.

I have a few different people involved.

One of the original founders, mr.

Wildman, was involved with me in the conception of it.

This is dan wildman, right, of bali -- bally total fitness.

Yes, don wildman, yes.

He and i came up with the idea of skateboards.

Then we evolved it with two gentlemen from oregon, who had the board that we needed to play golf with.

We played -- created a partnership with them and have been working on the board now for close to probably 18 months.

Tell us about the actual design.

How long does it run?

What kind of charge does it need?

Bags we use a similar battery configuration as tesla.

It will -- we used a similar battery configuration as tesla.

It will hold at least for the game, unless you are a young person and running around rather than playing the game.

Then it might run out sooner.

Then we have a turnaround time where we can recharge the boards within an hour in some cases.

Have you gotten any response from various golf course officials are allowing this vehicle, this golf board on the 18 holes?

Week that we were going to run into a lot of resistance at first.

And we've only had incredible reception.

We had won innovative product of the year at the pga show in florida.

To date, we have most of our sales in the golf industry with golf courses.

That is the amazing part, the reception that we have had from the industry.

Currently, you have what, three models?

Can you give us an idea of the pricing?

The boards run between $3200 to $3500. at this point, the highest and one -- the highest end one has a remote control and you have your power on the handle.

We are designing the boards to accommodate golfing and golf courses.

There are a lot of safety features to them.

They are designed to hold golf clubs stop -- golf loves, and some of the other important things for golfing.

You can take a handlebar off and ride it with your golf clubs on your back.

It depends on how you want to ride it and your style of playing with the board itself.

Maybe ideas for a surfboard that comes with a coupled or?

-- cupholder?

You have a variety of businesses based on your champion surf boarding.

Tell us about what you are doing.

Even apparel and nutrition.

The biggest thing in the last few years is stand up paddling.

I was instrumental in bringing this discipline of surfing around.

It is a sport that everyone can participate in.

And i have a nutritional company called truition, which is a high-end nutrition company that makes top-level protein.

I'm involved in and apparel project right now, and a couple of other projects we are working on.

I'm going into the entrepreneurial aspect of my career at this point, and always looking to try to ride your waves.

Very good, trying to ride bigger ways indeed.

Are you also planning to improve your golf game?

What is your golf game like?

I can actually play the game.

I would not say that i'm any good.

But there are very few people that are.

That is probably why it is dwindling in popularity at this point.

But i know how to hit the ball.

And i'm definitely a lot more interested in being on the course now that there is a board involved.

It makes me feel more at home and i feel a little less frustrated and i feel like i can actually play a better game.

That is one of the interesting things about the board, that it really allows good players to even play better, and it draws the interest of a lot of younger players.

It speaks to a broad demographic.

That is why we believe it is going to take off and change golfing.

But you cannot hit the ball

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