3 Stock Tips From 'Future Warren Buffett' Teen Whiz

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Dec. 6 (Bloomberg) -- Max Ganik, founder of TopStreetPicks.com, explains how he started analyzing and investing in stocks at such a young age. He speaks with Pimm Fox on Bloomberg Television's "Taking Stock." (Source: Bloomberg)

My next guest has been learning about stocks, the economy, and politics since he was about 17 years old and he was hooked.

17-year-old max ganik runs a blog called top street pick, the cofounder of his high school's economic club.

To encourage his interest in investing, max was made a student member of the new york securities analysts.

Max, thanks for coming in.

Let's talk about this, seven years old, really, looking at stock prices and annual reports at the age of seven?

What made you do that?

At seven years old i started trading.

At that point i was just analyzing articles and charts.

But then as time went along, i started trading gold and silver, then etf's. at 14 i taught myself options in started trading them.

Let's debt back, because your parents are involved in this, obviously you being a minor you will not have an account in your name.

What is their background in the world of finance?

My mom actually showed me the basics of the market at seven.

From that point, i thought was of everything else.

Taught yourself everything else, all right.

What did you learn to come up with some of the topics you are focused on now?

I know for example bank of america.

That's right, for bank of america, the chart looks really good on that.

It's above the 15 2003-stop and think it will go back to the $20 level.

The think that buying the january 2016 $17 calls is very smart.

Wait, you're talking options.

You trade options?

That's right.

Have you been successful?

Options are not for everybody.

Very risky.

What made you decide to use options as the tool?

For options, i think the first thing is i wanted to learn more about the market, and then also for options to kind of leverage my gains and risk less.

All right, so bank of america is one stock.

The other?


What attracts you to ebay?

Ebay really has strong earnings growth, and it has held $50 the whole year, and that is key for me because i am a chart guy.

I think we'll go back up to the $60 level.

That is the all-time high.

For that stock, think buying the

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