Is There Anyone Who Can Compete With Netflix?

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Jan. 24 (Bloomberg) –- Ritholtz Wealth Management CIO Barry Ritholtz discusses Netflix and its release of “Mitt,” the new Mitt Romney documentary. He speaks with Trish Regan and Mark Crumpton on Bloomberg Television’s “Street Smart.” (Source: Bloomberg)

What do you think you say in a concession speech?

He was not thinking he would lose.

He probably did not even prepare a concession speech.

Romney behind the scenes, netflix.

Netflix is airing the documentary called "mitt." it is a look at mitt romney.

It follows him for six years as he makes his bid for the presidency.

Is very compelling behind the scenes stuff.

It is very interesting.

One thing that is also interesting is if the filmmaker on netflix.

There is a limited market for talking entries.

How many people are going to the theaters for documentaries?

Netflix is a good way to distribute this nationally.

You saw their earnings the other day.

Stock went through the roof.

They had 44 million subscribers versus the 31 million that had been anticipated.

More people are signing up for netflix.

It seems like a promising business opportunity.

Is there anyone on the horizon who can compete?

Apple, amazon.

The question is what the net the trial of the rule will do to their overall ability to stream.

Are we going to have to pay a higher tier internet subscription to get streaming movies over the internet?

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