Is There a Future for Bookstores in America?

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July 25 (Bloomberg) -- Editor Jesse Kornbluth and Libros Schmibros Lending Library Founder David Kipen discuss Amazon earnings and the possibility of bookstores becoming extinct. They speak to Pimm Fox on Bloomberg Television's "Taking Stock." (Source: Bloomberg)

Amazon posts a loss for the quarter.

It was two cents estimate for share of six cents.

You were saying it doesn't matter.

Does anyone really care if they make money?

It is not the business model.

He did not care about the quarter.

-- they do not care about the quarter.

Amazon can outlast everybody.

That is its purpose.

It is the purpose to be the last one standing.

To own american culture.

To own american culture?

Comment on this.

You think they are trying to take over american culture?

If he took over american culture, it wouldn't exactly be bad for their bottom line.

Capitalism, the free-market one allen the end.

I happen to think that the free- market forces represented by a mix of strong bookstores, used bookstores, and nonprofits like mine have room to compete in an environment against a tight like amazon, which has tremendous economies of scale.

Especially neighborhoods like no mi -- like mine, or i haven't seen the kindle.

What about the relation between authors and amazon?

My website is totally matt -- amazon.

I live on amazon commission.

People click through something on your site and they go to it on amazon.

They buy the book that i have reviewed, and i sell more copies of whatever that book is that anyone else in the world, including amazon.

I get commission on anything you buy during that session.

Want to buy refrigerator?

Please do.

It would be much better if amazon had more on petition.

If barnes & noble got serious about being in the book business, and figured out how to compete with them, instead of being a show room for them.

About independent bookstores, and how they rely on amazon for their lifeblood.


Much has been made about show roaming, people going in to bookstores to comparison shop.

I think it works the other way.

I am on amazon all the time.

It is a great catalog.

It is a great way to find the book that i want, and then i call around , and i go to a shop that i know has what i'm looking for.

It has thousands of books i do not know i'm looking for.

I am show roaming amazon.

If you're talking about one of books, the price of an e-book is sometimes much more than the price of the actual hardcopy.

Does that benefit the copy or the author?

It benefits the author.

The real thing about e-books, you talk about the growth of the e-book.

Their sales are flat.

That is the big news.

People seem to be going -- because they bought the mini rush.

Suddenly, your candle was full of e-books.

It wasn't fun anymore.

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