Is There a Cure for Baldness on the Way?

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Oct. 23 (Bloomberg) -- Transplanting human hair onto the backs of mice may lead to a break-through for baldness treatments, scientists said. Bloomberg's Cristina Alesci and Matt Miller comment on Bloomberg Television's "Taking Stock." (Source: Bloomberg)

Some promising news this week for the estimated 35 million men in the u.s. who suffer from male pattern baldness.

Researchers at the national academy of sciences were able to actually clone cells in the scout that gave rise to hair follicles.

They were then transplanted to mice.

This yielded new human hair for at least six weeks.

Could creating new hair on humans be around the corner?

If so, how would it disrupt a nearly $2 billion business that takes place in this country every year?

Joining me now, experts i guess.

Bloomberg's cristina alesci and -- i have covered this for bloomberg and i am follicles challenged as well.

I have done a lot of research if there's anything i can do to turn this around.

I have tried many of the things out there that are available with the exception of surgery and i've never were day -- worn a wake on a permit basis.

A lot of these things are years away from having any kind of effect.

What is the study?

What's the challenge with cloning human hair follicles -- the challenge with cloning human hair follicles, they don't grow in culture very well.

They cluster them very well.

The cells that produce the follicles, that help them clone.

That is a better cloning system is what they discovered.

At the end of the day, when you talk to a practitioner, dr.

Jeffrey epstein who does about 600-700 transplants a year.

He was telling me this is years away, it is highly experimental.

Every couple of months we hear about a new study.

A lot of men opt for just popping pills.

One of them was originally developed for enlarged prostate.

That is pretty much the only pill out there that claims -- it is a big market.

It is a huge market.

This is much bigger than the market for rogaine, the foam.

When i was living in germany, i was playing -- paying $300 a month for propecia.

It is $64 a month.

Sometimes it is covered by insurance.

Some people decide it is ok to live the way they look, right?

There are some individuals.

We have tons of bald business leaders.

Lloyd blankfein i'm, ben bernanke.

Is that a picture of ken langone?

Once all i know is that it has steve ballmer, lloyd blankfein i'm, mark andreessen.

Jeff bezos wears it well.

What i find interesting is guys who try and cover it up, and i want name names.


as being -- dr.

Epstein told me that the popular route is getting like a toupee and having it glued on which i thought was, wow, in this day and age?

He said that was the most common application.

A lot of them, you can tell.

There are a number of guys, former billionaires who obviously are wearing a piece.

A lot of guys have gone the route of losing it.

That is the most obvious hairpiece of the insider trading scam.

Going the natural route is a great one but it will be interesting when they can finally clone hair follicles.

I really eating dinner with a guy who ran a company that makes skin and they clone skin by the yard for earned victims.

They can do a ton of skin.

I said, how come you cannot do this skin that grows hair?

They said, we are working on it.

Save us.

I want to challenge matt cutts he thinks he knows me so well.

What are the top three sexiest guys that i have chosen that are bald?

You have a graphic prepared?

I was thinking about the top three guys between -- besides pimm and me.

I will go with jason stadiumtham, ben bernanke.

How about the former head of the swedish soccer league?

Life that is really it.

-- that is really it.

I think this guy is better looking.

He is a buddy of mine.

Of course, number three, i really struggled between choosing between the two of you, so i went with mr.


I think we have to get our hands on that study.

This is from a doctor from

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