Is There a Bubble in the Tech Industry?

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Jan. 23 (Bloomberg) –- Lerer Ventures Managing Director Eric Hippeau discusses investing in New York City startups and if the tech industry is heading for a bubble with Deirdre Bolton on Bloomberg Television’s “Money Moves.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Thing you are seeing in new york city right now in tech?

Traditional specialties, but we are also seeing new york move into other kinds of areas.

Such as?

. marketplaces.

Businesses, education, and these are areas where the new applications are unveiled from the same technology you have in your pocket.

I will read you stat.

You know these already but they caught my eye.

Last year was a big year, mostly of twitter.

35 million dollar valuation it has.

10 firms generating $1 billion or more -- or more.

It is a lot.

Is this is good.

It is about time.

We went through a drought where there were very few exits.

Just because the stock market was so bad, it did not seem like the right time to go public very that is right.

The only exits they had was through an acquisition, and m&a type, and the results on these markets, some of these were depressed.

10 firms generating this kind of money.

I know they did this list six months ago.

25 companies here could be worth $1 billion.

About half are already absorbed in the system.

Does this week to a bubble?

It is true there are a lot of startups.

It is cheaper.

It is some kind of bottleneck.

And we have seen higher prices coming out of the market and a lot of people speculate we are in a bubble.

A bubble is when the balloon has burst and there is nothing left.

The companies have real value and real revenues.

How many companies with this kind of valuation, whether it is official or not, you think, i understand what the company does, it has revenue, and i do not have to figure out how they monetize this a few years down the line.

That is basically what you do.

It takes about seven years for a company to be born.

It is a long time.

It is a waiting time we are waiting -- willing to take.

You feel there are enough businesses that will have earnings and profit growth, so in your mind, there is not a bubble forming.

Not a bubble like we saw in the year 2000. ok.

Something we were just talking about, what is it and why are you investing in it?

We felt strongly this is the era of animals, that there is a highlighted sense that animals are really important to us, not only pets, but livestock.

We created a site all about animals . some of it is animal rights and some follows what is going on.

This week, we saw an unfortunate massacre of dolphins in japan.

This is something really important we have to pay attention to.

There was a documentary that shed light on that that got a lot of attention for good reason.

What is the difference between investing and partnering with a good company?

People incubate a dobro -- dodo is a good example.

The head had been thinking about the idea for a number of years.

We put out the money.

We debated the product, and then we brought in additional investors.

Hold a thought.

We will continue this conversation in two minutes.

More in just a moment.

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