Is the U.S. Ready for Cyber Warfare?

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March 4 (Bloomberg) -- McAfee President Michael Decesare discusses cyber warfare and the Ukraine crisis on Bloomberg Television’s “Bloomberg Surveillance.” (Source: Bloomberg)

25 years and really dominant.

Speaking of ukraine and russia, when pros like you wake up in the morning, do you look at russia as a broad or eastern europe as a cottage industry?

The people that we do not like in terms of security?

It is not so much a matter of who we do not like as, this was brought up yesterday, one of the elements that occurred was compromised telecommunications systems in the ukraine.

This is one of the first times we have seen cyber defense used as a weapon.

Where russia compromised the ukrainian phone system?

I brought this up yesterday with richard felker.

This happened when george underwent similar actions in 2008. the exact same kind of thing we are seeing, this offense is cyber warfare, telecommunications is very different.

It fractures the ability of the country to stay coordinated.

How reliant are we on our telecommunications systems?

When that is taken down, it can make quite a dent in the country.

Does that change the plans for mcafee?

For intel?

Do we have to find new ways to protect future uses?

There is no doubt that the sophistication of the threats out there these days mean more attempts to change security.

How has your life changed from the -- from three years ago?

When we look at who we are up against in the world, the technical abilities of the adversaries has grown exponentially.

Mcafee must grow exponentially as well.

Talk about the process of opportunistic attacks in the wake of this unrest.

Cyber criminals were very active after osama bin laden was killed.

Do you see that happening this time around?

We have not seen that yet in the ukraine, but when you see this in virtually every area, whether it is ukraine or the olympics.

Your first customer is a representative for state jobs?

That is right.

How does that work, you were a big newbie?

Larry came a wrong -- came along for the call.

We sat indian style in the lobby of apple.



Full disclosure, i do not think i could do that.

The question is, on which mobile device do you feel the least or most safe?

What if i was on my kindle?

Is that yes?

He is going to tell me to change my passcode.

Let's get to the data check.

We do not need a passcode for this.

Commodities off the news in the ukraine, russia not pulling back but a much easier dialogue this morning.

The nymex takes a breather,

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