Is the American Auto Boom Over?

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Jan. 28 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg's Jamie Butters discusses U.S. auto sales on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg Surveillance." (Source: Bloomberg)

One thing that jumped out to me -- we were looking for it and we saw it -- record pretax profit in north america.

Ford runs their business using a pretax profit.

The important thing about that is that is the number that the uaw is using.

It sets off the profit-sharing.

Along with that record profit in north america in this final big moneymaking year on the old f series design, the uaw workers will get $808,000 et -- lower-based labor rates and higher profit-sharing for the workers.

The set up for this year -- high inventories, market ambitions, a slower growing marketplace.

The uc santa barbara can see in detroit after four years of blockbuster growth -- do you see complacency in detroit after four years of blockbuster growth?

Everybody is making money.

Growth will be the slowest since we started -- since we came out of the recession.

Sales of grunt about 50%. the growth will tighten up.

It will get very competitive.

I think their are a lot of sharp eyes around detroit and the rest of the market.

Honda doing better than good.

Is detroit still detroit?

Is it still about a big three or whatever it is or is that now a national detroit?

Since i have been here, i move here since 2000 -- for me, in a lot of ways, it has always been a national industry.

Detroit, as it has come through, it has been very strong.

With the possible of moving the chrysler-fiat headquarters, they have indicated that the headquarters for the global company will be here in metro detroit, whether it is up in auburn hills or down in the city.

There is more of a sense that there is a greater detroit after having survived.

The confidence is hard-earned at gm and chrysler.

Ford is proud of having not needed a bailout.

Stay with us.

I want to bring in our guest host.

The ceo and president of vevo.

The greater detroit-ness.

The dashboard is like a tablet now.

Does that become the norm?

Is the phone going to be the box for the car or will the car be a node on the network without the phone?

I get all of my media to my car or my phone.

Other people run apps in their car.

You lean over and you turned

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