Is the Twitter IPO Already Oversubscribed?

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Nov. 1 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg's Tom Giles discusses the Twitter IPO on on Bloomberg Television's "Market Makers." (Source: Bloomberg)

People need to buy equities.

The deal is hot.

It is very hot.

It is the biggest ipo since facebook.

As we have been talking about.

It is oversubscribed.

That is something you would have suspected for a company with this much name recognition.

Every deal is oversubscribed right now.

Find me a deal that isn't these days.


People are looking for growth.

They are looking for the right place to put their money.

What are has a lot of name recognition.

-- twitter has a lot of name recognition.

Facebook had an abysmal start.

But they have come back so strong.

But the results this last quarter were mixed.

Are we done saying that facebook was a disaster?

You are doing good if you bought it.

Those first few months are gone.

Here is the thing about facebook.

They made some comments on their third-quarter results that really gave people laws.

They said teens are using a flask.

Now facebook is coming clean about it.

-- teens are using us less.

Now facebook is coming clean about it.

People have a limit about -- it gave people pause about whether we will see the rapidfire growth rate for facebook.

Facebook has been public for over a year.

As it relates to twitter, how one port and are the fundamentals or do people just want to be in a hot deal?

I have not spoken to a single equity investor who is not going to play on it.

No profit at twitter.

That is what twitter has right now.

People are really interested.

People like twitter because they have figured of mobile at a much earlier stage in evolution than facebook did.

Do investors want to know how big the allocation is going to be or tell me more about this company?

I think they want to know about the company.

Are they playing either way?

They are going to get indefinitely.

They do have a lot of questions though.

Good questions to be asking.

I wonder if they don't get the answers they like, are they going to step back?

I am thinking know.

Thank you so much.

We will check in with you next week as we get closer to the twitter ipo.

As promised, my partner in crime , i was trying to keep them away but here he is.

Joining us live from columbia university, he just finished an exclusive interview with the ceo.

I have to ask, he must be

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