Is the Taxi Industry Ripe for a Disruption?

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Feb. 21 (Bloomberg) –- Bloomberg’s Brad Stone and Emily Chang discuss the battle for the future of transportation between the cab companies and the startups on Bloomberg Television’s “Bloomberg West.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Not seem to budge when it comes to his philosophy that this is the best way to get drivers on the road to meet demand.

Did you get any sense that he is going to waiver?

Absolutely not.

One of the things that we wanted to figure out in this cover story is if it was working.

During snowstorms, weekends, holidays, it gets more drivers on the road.

A bunch of colleagues, including my colleague in new york started taking uber and lift cars, and we found that the drivers do get out into the world with those prices go up.

I've interviewed many uber drivers as well, and they prefer uber.

When it comes to left, they say that the pink mustache thing is inconvenient to get it in and out, especially when it is raining.

These drivers use multiple services at the same time.

They may be looking at uber, left, sidecar, and going wherever the rights are -- rides are.

They took even more advantage of the regulatory ambiguity, then uber did.

Taking amateur drivers, and saying you could become a cabdriver.

We reported that list is about to raise money, over $80 million from investors to really turbocharge that business model.

Anything into something that uber has worried about, something that they are adding so much muscle behind.

I know that is their thing, but can they keep that pink mustache on every car?

It does feel a little san francisco.

They have a little conference room in the back that is covered for two ceiling, wall to wall with experimental think felt to figure out how to make that work better in the rain.

I want to talk about the ceo of uber.

This is a guy who is very specialized, but he has been in the business for a long time.

Yet it does visited for this that did not work out that she had a business before this that did not work out, so it trained him to be committed to this love love the all the way -- to this philosophy all the way.

He had appeared to peer filesharing program in the 1990's. after many years of not even taking a salary, he the battle wounds.

That makes them particularly suited to this field where does hand-to-hand combat with these other companies, and very entrenched taxi commitments -- commissions and all of the cities that do not like uber, and what it represents.

Let's talk about some of the challenges coming up.

This is a very sad story, an uber driver killed in the girl as she was crossing the street/ ./ the plaintiffs are saying that the driver was distracted by the app in his face.

This tragic situation on new year's eve in san francisco gets to all of them.

Mom of this child is she saw him looking down, and then uber said they were not driving for them, because he was not having anyone in the car, and then he also had a speeding citation before.

We need to look at how the cap industry would deal with this, maybe not differently, but it shows that uber has some work to do to show that it stands behind his customers.

Are we too optimistic about the possibilities here?

Are these bad people exceptions to the rule?

Can this work out a broader scale around the world?

It is working, and for context we need to realize that any taxi service company can get distracted, and has technology in the car.

Fundamentally uber and the other companies have identified a problem of supply and demand imbalance in the car service industry.

Because of the reregulation, cap saarc -- cabs are hard to come by in big cities.

What is next for uber?

Will they be delivering my laundry?

They have delivered christmas

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