Is the Mobile Price War Not Really a Price War?

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March 10 (Bloomberg) -- Craig Moffett, senior telecom analyst at MoffettNathanson, examines the price wars in mobile as AT&T and T-Mobile cut prices on some plans on Bloomberg Television’s “Market Makers.” Moffett, his family and firm, do not own shares of AT&T or T-Mobile.

Welcome back to our very special edition of "market makers"." gilt is leading putting you the shopping memories behind you.

They are offering designer does it you can purchase on the cheap from all the comfort of your own home.

I got to speak with the ceo recently and asked her if glossing up a sample cell was really necessary.

We translate their story in an elevated way.

When people come they have a sense of style.

Our goal is to push them an injured deuce them into newsham.

Making sure it is beautifully shot and styled nicely.

In order to have partnerships with brands, do you have to offer them more than just a sales outlet?

That is one of the magical parts.

It is a brand elevating experience.

They say you shouldn't better than we do.

We take a lot of pride in that.

We hire people that are passionate about innovating and telling a story.

There in the sleek creative.

It helps our customers find what they want and the rand to reach this young, affluent audience.

Where is the business case to do that?

It is such an extent to have -- and expense to have photographers.

We are blessed prophet ability.

We did a beautiful job.

We also make sure we are running the train on schedule.

What about the consumer experience?

I love going to chanel.

What about the consumer that does not get to have that experience in a store, they lose that?

Are demographic is the young, affluent audience.

They did not have time to be in traditional department stores.

They are not there on the weekends anymore.

What when designers say they want to do this themselves?

It is competitive for sure.

We can handle this for a brand.

There are so many brands i talked to that it is not their primary job to think about digital marketing and search marketing and e-mail and social investment.

That is not what they do.

They turned to gilt to be a provider and introducing them to new customers at a great value in the digital world.

What do you do to send out the fact you have more competition than when you began?

You are the only show in town.

A lot of competitors entered.

We see now that some of the competitors have folded.

It is nice to be the biggest player.

The flipside as we can never be complete.

When i was doing the search, or the job openings was for an ios engineer.

What is going on?

It is the heart of fashion meet technology.

We have a big, incredibly brilliant engineering team.

They are created.

To put on a sale every day, the teams are working together.

They're working with the merchandise team on how should this change or there's new capabilities that the mobile engineers are thinking about.

Do you think they will have it online?

There are things we are starting to do that is pacific lee for gi -- specifically for gilt.

We know the trends of that are really important for customers.

We're just letting to think about that.

Everyone is talking ipos this year.

There is a huge amount of buzz on the street that this is the year we could see the ipo.

When i asked michelle they are just focusing on the business at hand right now, selling lots of products.

I was in that massive warehouse last week.

They have a lot of work to do.

Is this ipo coming?

Is it coming soon?

My guess is yes.

The window is wide open.

You have a business ready to go public.

Now is the time.

When we come back, another great woman.

A woman that keeps nascar on track.

We will keep the international speedway ceo.

That is coming up right here on "market makers" ?." ?

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