Is the iPhone a National Security Risk for China?

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July 14 (Bloomberg) –- Bloomberg’s Rosalind Chin reports on China’s state-owned television accusing Apple that it’s location tracking function on its iPhone can collect data and may result in a leak of state secrets. She speaks to John Dawson on Bloomberg Television’s “On The Move.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Collects data and may even lead to state secrets being linked, we have more.

You have got an iphone.

This is what cctv says.

Cctv says the location tracker is a security concern for them.

The hat at the people's university of china, and apple says it has never worked with any government agency from any country to create a backdoor, and they also say they appreciate the cct efforts to educate the public.

We want to make sure all in china are clear about what we do and what we don't when it comes to privacy and your personal data.

That information is only stored on your phone.

Third parties cannot get access to it.

This tracker feature is used in a lot of apps.

For example, if you are driving.

These are all that need some kind of location function in order to find out where you are.

And if you lose the phone, you can track it.

But this is not the first time that apple has been under fire in china, is it?

That is why last year, the ceo, tim cook, offered and apologizing.

-- offered an apology.

Cctv was talking about complaints focusing on the fact that apple replaced -- repaired broken phones as opposed to replacing them, and they were also criticized by people's daily for poor customer service.

And they were looking at resetting the warranty to one year, and template did offer an apology.

Many phones are criticized for various consumer issues, and they are trying to raise protection.

Every year, there is a program in march on cctv, and in it, it

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