Is the Fed Gearing Up for a Rate Increase?

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May 21 (Bloomberg) -- Michael McKee reports on Federal Reserve monetary policy on Bloomberg Television’s “In The Loop.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Raise borrowing costs and how soon.

A better question of when.

This is widely seen as are presenting the views of janet yellen, a roadmap, on how fast unemployment is going down and inflation is going up.

Expect a quick movement from the fed, and the old plan to stop the reinvestment of materials -- is off of the table.

They are worried everyone will overreact as if they wrote -- rate increase was imminent.

They are just going to raise rates.

Which one is a bit of a debate, but the interest on excess reserves -- they will just leave the excess cash at the fed.

They will taken cash from dealers, in exchange for lending securities from their portfolio, and keep them in trade.

This is still a possibility.

They are just going to let that four dollars trillion -- $4 trillion rolloff.

This is just one man, even though he is very influential.

We will see when those fed minutes are released with further discussions they will have.

Velocity is the terms of how fast you want to raise your rates, what are you hearing about that?

Slower and lower than in the past.

Growth is going to be slower, inflation is going to be lower and with the new regulations, you will need to raise rates as much.

You can keep the benchmark rate, which is well below to be below the average level, it was around two percent.

Speaking of the fed you will have janet yellen.

They will get some extra help today.

We have confirmation of stanley fischer to be the feds vice-chairman.

If they didn't do it today, they'll be going on vacation in the fed will have three members, less than before.

The stupidity question continues because no votes are being planned for the other nominees.

We just hope that they can get it done before the next fed meeting.

They continue to discuss an exit strategy.

Michael mckee, we will be keeping up with you throughout the morning.

We you have earnings breaking right now, coming in at $.50 per share, let's go right to julie hyman with the latest.

That figure you mentioned is a 15% rock, and they are also cutting their earnings-per-share for the year and the second quarter -- and going forward, target still remains quite cautious.

Part of this still has to do with the data breach in which many of the customers had their information compromised and the company is now saying they're unable to estimate future expenses related to the data breach in the first quarter.

Critical payments associated

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