Is the European Economy a Concern for 2014?

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Dec. 13 (Bloomberg) -- Richard Clarida, strategic advisor at Pimco, discusses the state of European equities and the Euro on Bloomberg Television’s “Bloomberg Surveillance.”

Concern over europe for next year.

Madame lagarde of france speaking up over this.

How fragile is france as we enter the new year?

I wouldn't say fragile, and i would say about france's that they missed a lot of opportunities to put in place policies that they will need to do eventually.

Does a winter of opportunity that they more or less avoided.

I think the challenges with france are imminent, but certainly france's lag behind other countries very peugeot has chronic challenges for the automakers.

A bloated public sector and high stock of debt.

So far they have scurried underneath the radar in terms of the eurocrisis but structural challenges in france long term.

When you talk to investors, some may say that europe has turned the corner and bottomed out in 2014 will be a year of opportunity for european equities.

Europe had two recessions in four years, europe is finally growing, germany very rapidly and the periphery less soap.

The ecb has bought some time.

We're not talking about the end of the euro, but the euro still has challenges in terms of a growth agenda and fiscal institute.

Where is the new 140. ? is the euro here and for europe?

Here's the point.

After the near death experience of the eurocrisis in 2012, i think the european officials are pleased with the euro in the one 30 range.

I can tell you, if we get north of 140 there will be a lot of job owning pressure from ecb officials and others.

My own view, and i think -- 14145 is what we're looking at.

Qualcomm has named steve mullen kopf it ceo and president.

Remember we were discussing how microsoft has been watching surveillance.

Seeing scarlet fu go through all of the great points of mullen kopf, why is called back for the job interview, boom.

Steve mullen kopf has been

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