BlackBerry Has Hidden Value: Ex Apple CEO Sculley

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Jan. 15 (Bloomberg) -- Pivot Acquisition Corp. Chairman and Former Apple CEO John Sculley discusses his former plans to bid for BlackBerry on Bloomberg Television's "Street Smart." (Source: Bloomberg)

Nobody cares about, the blackberry?

Is it officially dead?

I hope not.

Oh, my goodness.

I can't believe i am hanging out with you guys.

Is there anyone in seven cisco that owns a blackberry?

Not necessarily by choice.

There was a story that i can talk about a little now because it is after-the-fact.

I was actually organizing a group to go in and bid on buying blackberry.

We saw a lot of hidden value, assets in a company that was really in desperate trouble.

The company decided to not go forward with their auction.

They pulled the auction and they brought in one of the most respected ceos in the tech world.

He sold it for $5.2 billion to sap.

And he has brought any traffic number of people.

If anyone has a chance to turn it around, it will probably be john channon.

I love the keyboard.

I still love the keyboard.

But, come on, what else?

The hidden value of it is bes . we are interested in it because we have a company in south florida that does the next generation of biod.

We are building all of at&t's data services.

Blackberry enterprise services has 675 carrier relationships around the world.

If we could put those two businesses together, we could create a business as big as workday overnight.

So we would have decoupled the hardware decide -- hardware devices.

We would have kept the blackberry enterprise services.

If john channon called you today and said, john, i need your help, be my partner, would you take that call?

How can you not take a call from john channon?

They have dropped the word interim from his title.

So it looks like he is it to stay.

They are pretty excited.

John scully, we'll continue with you after this break.

We will talk more with former

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