Is the Amazon Fire Phone Only Good for Shoppers?

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July 25 (Bloomberg) -- Mike Gikas, Senior Electronics Editor at Consumer Reports, gives a first-hand review of the new Amazon Fire smartphone as it makes its debut in stores today. He speaks on “In The Loop.”

Goes on sale today.

The company's first entry into the industry dominated by the veterans.

Apple, samsung.

Joining me now is someone who has had a chance to test the device.

He has one with him.

Mike, senior electronics editor at consumer reports.

The macy it -- let me see it.

Looks like an iphone.

Like it?

I have fun with it.

The one thing that irked me, a lot of people reported this, it locks out the google ecosystem.

It is technically an android phone but you cannot google maps and a lot of things people like using on an android phone.

It is a unique experience.

They've redesigned the interface so it looks like nothing else anyone ever used.

It brings up an important point, this is the first generation phone.

We're looking at the sixth plus iteration for the iphone as well as multiple samsung phones.

There will be a lot of kings, will that be a deterrent?

It has two compelling features, the 3-d effect is hard to duplicate on the camera.

It has to be looking at a person's face.

The other thing -- this is good for both amazon and the user -- the firefly shopping app.

That is a dangerous tool for me.

Me, too.

My wife just took the phone away.

The thing is, it turns everything the phone sees and hears into a buying opportunity.

The one source would be amazon.

People have been asking whether or not the phone is going to be successful, it is, if only because -- the one thing about a smart, it is like your best friend.

It knows everything about you.

Your best friend sharing everything about you.

If amazon wants to know anything about its customers, this is the best way to find out.

Where you go, what you tweet, what you say.

If they want to sell you things or sell things for their partners, this is the lazy do it.

They want the ecosystem.

Mcquarrie saying that war won't end well for amazon.

They are short in that area.

They are great at selling stuff but they do not do a lot of things that iphones and android do managing your data.

Google has done a lot of interesting things in the last few years with the cloud and linking your digital life together.

To make it fun for you are more practical for you.

Google now, which you cannot get on a fire phone.

If you have a dentist a clement, google now will remind you and tell you there is traffic and leave earlier.

Some fun things, some missing.

$200 with a two-year contract, 30 gigabytes -- 32 gigabytes, will compete on price?

I do not see it being very popular except with devoted amazon prime users.

They may be out there, it has a serious shortcoming.

A lot of people are not going to like it.

The more experience you have with other smart phones, you will have difficulties because it does things in different ways.

Up is literally down in some cases.

I do not like change.

Mike, thank you, senior editor at consumer reports.

A review of the amazon fire.

Still ahead, boeing sales a deal with iran, ending a three decade freeze and ties.

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