Is the Affordable Care Act Off the Table?

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Oct. 10 (Bloomberg) -- Julianna Goldman reports on possible solutions to end the U.S. government shutdown. She speaks on Bloomberg Television's "In The Loop." (Source: Bloomberg)

What you see as the affordable care act, obamacare, kind of moving off the table here in op- ed yesterday, house speaker eric cantor, the minority leader, the majority leader, and also paul ryan, they made no mention of the affordable care act.

House speaker john boehner -- he is moving away from that.

The message from the white house is that the president is open to a short-term deal.

He would prefer longer.

As long as something raises the debt ceiling, also opens the government, and he is also open to a starting a process for longer-term debt talks.

The key for the white house is no strings attached, and that is still the sticking point because house republicans insist that they won't pass a clean debt ceiling bill.

We are not jumping for joy quite yet, julianna.


at least the white house is not jumping for joy quite yet.

I heard this morning from a senior administration official that they are still waiting for an offer, and it till they see an offer, no signs of optimism.

The other question is revenues.

If you start to get into a process where you have longer- term debt talks, entitlements would be on the table, and democrats insist that they have to get something in return, and that is revenue.

Just hang on because right now, treasury secretary jack lew is entering the room where the senate finance committee is going to be lobbing him questions for several hours about the debt ceiling.

Id., he is just in the room now shaking hands with various lawmakers and people who are there.

Julianna, how soon should we be looking for signs of progress today?

I would look to see what the market does in reaction to lew's testimony because as we have been saying for the last few days, the market is starting to see some jitters, but if you could see a strong market reaction, that might be why lawmakers actually unfortunately would need to get the impetus to start seriously talking here.

Some other things to look for today, the president is going to meet with senate democrats at the white house, and then later this afternoon around 4:30, he is going to bring house republican leadership and key committee chairs over to the white house to meet.

It's a smaller group that boehner insisted on because he says it is better for negotiations than just bringing the whole house republicans caucus over.

Of course the white house is still saying there will be no talks on a broader budget agreement until you have the government reopened and the debt ceiling increased.

At least they are talking, which is more than we saw earlier this week.

That is right.

Not silence from both sides.

Julianna, thank you.

Julianna goldman, our white house correspondent.

We're going to have much more the debt ceiling.

Stay "in the loop" as we get into the ramifications of this.

Republican commerce men john mica -- congressman john mica of florida is going to weigh in on this.

He has a hard line on negotiating on the shutdown in the desolate.

House speaker john boehner it is bringing a small group of house republicans to with into the white house today.

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