Is Tech Disrupting the Pharmaceutical Industry?

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July 17 (Bloomberg) –- TH_NK Senior Strategist Rob Hinchcliffe discusses the partnership between Google and Novartis to develop a smart contact lens with the potential to monitor the wearer’s blood sugar levels and the move into the health care sector by technology giants. He speaks with Caroline Hyde, Manus Cranny and Ryan Chilcote on Bloomberg Television’s “Countdown.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Pretty phenomenal what has been pushed by the x labs, now teaming up with the world's biggest drugmaker.

Is this something that is going to enter everyday lives, will everyone be wearing these?

It is $6 million stuff -- man stuff right now.

Whether it gets adopted or picked up emma that will be based on early adoption.

We got -- we saw google glasses getting a push back because it was literally in your face.

When you have a contact lens in nobody knows.

You do not think it was the issue of having to see and read through these electronics.

The issue was i do not want these glasses.

It was a fashion statement.

It was the utility of what does it do that my phone does not do?

It is like having a smart phone strap to your face.

What we're looking at with the contact lens is something that has utility, that measures the glucose in your tears.

Which smartphone cannot do.

You are wearing -- i know the app that you use.

There is a sleeping app and a running app.

Are we decimated or is it a generally -- a generational issue, they want an app to do everything with their lifestyle?

What is that western mark -- what is that?

It will tell me how much i move income -- and how good my sleep is.

What would you want with that?

I am fascinated with information about myself.

They used to try and get -- second-guess what we would do by our search terms and play us back to us in smart ways.

It hit that uncanny valley where it comes in almost a little creepy of how good they are in playing that information back to you.

They are asking these questions to play that information back to us.

With this it is more unobtrusive and passive.

You do not need to tell it.

Where is the money winner in this?

We understand that it is not so much the data that they want to collect, it is what they want to do with the data afterwards.

They already track the england rugby team and the player who might become injured.

They can collate the data, i know insurance companies could use it.

What is in it for novartis and google to monitor the glucose levels in your body?

Apple are the packaging people.

Apple will aggregate that data.

Google want to be the people who provide the data.

What we have done with smart objects is both on old technology onto new technology so everything will -- has a screen that is connected to the web.

We are taking the brain and putting it into the cloud.

They're extending the nervous system into things like to send into our eyes.

They want to own that.

The landgrab is for owning that.

To sell us what?


For diabetes.

That is a huge market.

They can get in first in that and on that technology and that first to know stuff.

There is a vanity here.

The actual utility will be watching what people use it for.

Where are we with patenting in this is this at the moment, is it going through the roof?

You can look at disruption in terms of the pharmaceutical industry.

It is 10 years of r&d and then you patented and then you will do something again.

That is what people think of when they think of pharma.

We have these tech firms coming in and creating a different model of patents and new technology and what we saying is you're going into a store in something like this will not be in the technology section, it will be in health and fitness.

That is what we're seeing now.

People are buying stuff because they want the use of it.

We will give you this.

It is not a gimmick or a concept car.

It will be incredibly powerful.

Thank you.

Where we are with wearable

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