Is SoundCloud the YouTube of Audio?

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Feb. 14 (Bloomberg) -- Eric Wahlforss, Co-founder and CTO of SoundCloud, discusses the concept of “The Factory,” a building where several tech companies cohabitate and SoundCloud’s latest financing round. He speaks on Bloomberg Television's “The Pulse.” (Source: Bloomberg)

What is it that attracts you about this concept?

We joined a community of companies here and i think we have sort of been together since then.

We are helping each other.

Here in the factory we are incarnating the concept, almost sort of a cap.

We have renovated it.

We're going to have three floors in the building and we are joined by some other companies as well.

It will be interesting to see what grows out.

Sound cloud has to be one of the fastest-growing companies.

You just received another round of financing.

Ballpark, it is around $60 million.

Is that the right sort of area?

We don't confirms specific numbers.

They are joining, we are very happy to have them on board.

Ivc has put out a fantastic release about why they wanted to invest in you.

Will soundcloud ruled the digital audio world?

They compare you to youtube.

How would you say that soundcloud could be compared with youtube in terms of changing audio?

I think it is a fair comparison.

We have a full spectrum of sound creators from big artists like justin timberlake orlando delray to small bedroom artists producing music.

Comedians, politicians, radio stations.

It is really the whole spectrum.

As a listener, you can tune into the whole world.

Eric, thank you very much indeed.

If you look on the website, also i have been tweeting, you can see an interview with eric talking about what they are going to focus on with that investment they have had.

It is going to be mobile, mobile, mobile.

Back to you.

Thank you very much indeed.

Our europe editor david tweed in berlin.

We apologize for the poor quality of the sound during that interview.

It is quite difficult to manage it technically.

Still to come, another setback for silk road.

The heist that cost the black market site millions of dollars worth of bitcoins.

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