Is Snapchat a Threat to Twitter and Facebook?

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Dec. 11 (Bloomberg) -- Ryan Sarver, a partner at Redpoint Ventures and a former director at Twitter, discusses how he became a VC investor and the growth of mobile messaging with Emily Chang on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg West." (Source: Bloomberg)

To be here.

In some ways, the transition has been very different from twitter.

And some days, it has been similar to my old role their full i was interacting with a ton of companies each day.

The length of time you have to think about the job is longer in venture.

How did your four years of twitter shape but you are doing?

What did you learn a twitter that you are applying to investing?

That is a good question.

When you look back at twitter's history, investors look at how twitter has grown over and over.

I joined around 30 people who left around 2000. you see things that are not obvious.

You see the characteristics inside.

Having seen that, and spending time on the inside of the company, i hope i can apply that in investment.

You are focused on the hot, competitive stuff.

What is your strategy?

It is less about focusing on ace pacific area, but i want to learn a lot.

-- a specific area, but i want to learn a lot.

We are learning about the pushbutton economy and getting services on demand.

We are trying to make it a more convenient service for you.

Uber has come up a lot lately.

There are not a lot of other names.

What do you think are the hottest consumer bennies?

Best companies -- companies?

We have a new credit card for people to simplify their lives.

We are excited about that investment opportunity.

I have to ask this question as you worked at twitter for so long.

Mobile messaging seems to be a battlefield.

Twitter has just added photos to their direct messages.

There is facebook messaging, who knows what could be here tomorrow?

How do you see this battle shaking out?

That is a good question.

It ties into this communion -- human need to communicate.

People doing different ways.

Each new medium -- snapshot was so different from anything that existed before.

It is too hard to predict.

It is important to watch how users behave around the world and how they connect with each other.

Is snapshot a threat to twitter?

I think they are different services.

They are used in different ways.

They may overlap a bit, but twitter is about information sharing and snapshot is more for personal communication.

What about facebook?

Was snapshot right to turn down that $3 million offer?

Are they a threat to facebook?

I think it is more a threat to facebook and it is to twitter.

It was smart of them to pass.

It seems crazy at the time, but -- how do they make money?

Every when asked twitter that at the beginning, but now they are making money.

Making money is the least of their worries.

Messaging will probably become bigger.

And only messaging is too far off from the things that we have looked at in the past.

Let's talk about twitter.

What is their biggest challenge going forward?

Post-ipo, what do they need to work on?

But it is a good question.

I try not to pay too much attention to it.

I tried to focus mostly on my new job.

I have a lot of great people there.

You will be watching.

Of course watching and cheering from the sidelines.

That's what are you doing at red point?

I am focused on finding great entrepreneurs to work with.

I am so decided to switch from operating to investing.

And my other jobs, i thought what was the part that made me the most passionate?

It was working with great entrepreneurs and seeing the businesses that they would build.

I have the freedom of starting from scratch and finding great people to work with and grow the business and support them.

That is the most exciting business -- part of the business for me.

But we will be watching you from afar.

Former twitter executive and now

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