Is Scripps Interested in a Deal With Discovery?

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Dec. 11 (Bloomberg) -- Scripps Networks rose the most in more than two years after Variety reported Discovery Communications may bid for the company. Edmund Lee reports on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg West." (Source: Bloomberg)

Why would discovery want this network?

He gives them a lot more cable channels that they can take when they talk to distributors like comcast or directv.

They can say they have a much bigger lineup with popular content.

We want more money for that.

It raises the affiliate fee for all their networks.

It gives them a bigger package of channels that they can sell.

Is scripps looking to sell?

There are no reports that they are actively looking to sell full discovery has been looking at them as well as other possible targets.

It could be that anyone could want to buy them.

It could be fox, time warner, they have attractive assets.

They have popular content.

It is relatively cheap to produce.

If this happens, how would it shake things up?

You are seeing more consolidation potentially on the cable side and the distribution side.

Talking about time warner cable and charter going after them, on the programming side, the more they can bulk up, whether it is discovery or similar networks, they have a better chance of negotiating with these distributors when it comes time for renewal.

We all are member what happened of cbs and time warner cable over the summer of stop that is a big part of the equation.

Where is this going?

But this is very preliminary.

No one has hired bankers to take a look at this just yet.

It is something that has happened at a strategic level, and high-level discussions.

It does not mean that anything will be imminent.

But it is a smart play.

It is something that discovery should be looking at.

It is also good for scripps to start thinking about, if someone would buy us, who would give us the best deal?

Edmund lee, i know you will continue to follow this story.

But thank you.

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