Is Russia Preparing for War?

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April 23 (Bloomberg) -- Russia vowed to defend its citizens in neighboring Ukraine after the government in Kiev said it’s resuming operations to oust militants from eastern cities. Indira Lakshmanan reports on Bloomberg Television's "Bottom Line." (Source: Bloomberg)

Said today that his country would retaliate if it's interesting ukraine is attacked.

He compared it to the 2008 war in georgia.

We just had that diplomatic agreement in geneva last week.

As russia preparing for war now?

It is certainly alarming talks from the russian foreign minister.

We have to parse out what he said and understand what he means.

When he talks about russian citizens in ukraine being attacked, he said that this would be grounds for russia to go to war with ukraine, i want to know what russian citizens he is talking about.

Those russian special forces that the u.s. insists are the ones stoking the separatist feelings?

Or is he talking about all of russian speakers in ukraine?

It raises a lot of questions and a lot of concerns at the u.s. state department and throughout the administration.

The u.s. has said that ukraine is sticking to their end of the bargain in these geneva deals that were made last week.

Even the european union has said that russia has stuck to the deal and they have not invaded ukraine yet.

We have seen some climbing down with the pulling back by separatists from some of the government buildings.

We have talks comparing into the 2008 war and you have to worry about what wooten has up his sleeve -- what putin has up his sleeve.

Is there any new -- anything new on the sanction front?

The first resort when diplomacy fails is economic warfare.

We are not going to see the u.s. going to war over this.

That said, the u.s. has shown some of its military power -- army paratroopers have arrived in poland.

The defense department made an announcement at the u.s. was going to be sending hundreds of american troops are joint exercises in four countries that ring russia.

Three of those former soviet republic states are neighbors of ukraine.

We just had the u.s. ambassador to nato within the past hour say that russia has not been able to make any incursions into baltic country airspace in the last 40 days come even though it used to do so in the past.

Fairly, they are partly flexing muscles on the part of nato, talking about later in the year there might be discussion of long-term nato bases in eastern europe.

We're looking at more sanctions coming at the end of the week.

What about that hard power strategy that has been used by both sides?

Russian special forces in position and russia moves its troops.

I thought it was very interesting that russian media who have been very propagandistic yesterday released their own counter images to the state department circling the actual individual faces and mixing is of some of these apparent russian special forces who they said had been in georgia before and now are in eastern ukraine.

They were trying to call into doubt the u.s. government's intermission.

What you see is the u.s. going for things like photos -- $50 million promised by vice president biden.

Soft power while putin is using hard power.

It is a bit asymmetrical at this point.

Thank you so much.

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