Is Roku Ready for an IPO to Beat Apple and Chrome?

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Feb. 24 (Bloomberg) -- Roku is weighing an initial public offering in the U.S. this year, according to people with knowledge of the matter. Jon Erlichman reports on Bloomberg Television's "In The Loop." (Source: Bloomberg)

Thisoku ipo could happen?

I spoken to several people with direct knowledge.

They have not made a final decision, they have been thinking about this.

They have hired a lead banker to potentially lead an ipo but they have spoken to bankers.

It's less about getting access to cash.

They raise a lot through venture capitalist and is more about what is happening in this area and the ability to stand out.

Roku devices have been pretty successful.

We have seen a lot of different players coming into this market to take advantage of this streaming phenomenon whether it is apple tv or google has google chrome.

There are gaming consoles like xbox that is used for streaming and there is some buzz that amazon will get into this as well.

From the row crew perspective, this company can say look at the landscape.

Roku could say we could be the pure play on this interesting trend.

It makes for an interesting investors story.

Apple wants to get more aggressive and amazon is entering this market so what is left for roku?

We asked them that question before and the ceo makes the argument that if more companies have come into this market, it has helped them.

When google launched from cast, the rolu sales went up.

They said more people are aware.

There is a certain amount of familiarity that is required for this market to continue to take off.

That was good news but let's assume that more competition were to hurt roku but the company is making the argument that it can license its technology to others that want to be in this business.

Think of the smart tv manufacturers that want to make sure you are still buying their fancy products.

They can potentially give apple tv or google chrome cast a run for their money by having their own offering and some of them are partnering with roku to get their operating system and that is potentially a business that could be larger from them selling little boxes.

That's an important part of the business that maybe gets less attention but could fuel them going forward.

I want to tell you about this other story so stay with me.

Facebook cofounder sean parker is taking on the gossip columnists.

This is sean parker.

He made his name with music sharing service napster and now he is worth $5 billion.

He put a rant over at a website because there was a story in which his neighbors were upset because they blamed him for turning the entire block in new york into a snow bank so he could get verizon files installed in his home.

He says the gossip columns got the story wrong.

G how do you thinkawker -- how

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