Can Pelosi Deliver House Votes for Obama on Syria?

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Sept. 5 (Bloomberg) -- Al Hunt, host of Bloomberg's "Political Capital" and Bloomberg Contributing Editor David Plouffe examine the prospect of approval for President Barack Obama's push for military strikes on Syria in the House and Senate and how Obama needs to get his message across to the American people. They speak on Bloomberg Television's "Market Makers."

Off was the campaign director for the president.

How precarious is the president's position on syria right now?

It is precarious.

The hope was to come out with a big senate vote.

There has been an abyss of a backlash.

They are likely to lose 12 or so democrats.

As peter said, the house is of hill.

They have a great asset in the house, nancy pelosi.

Just a casual observation, you need to say, here is what happens.

Not everybody understands what happens, that this was chemical weapons that violate longstanding international law.

Public resistance to this is not surprising at all.

The public sees what happened in iraq and afghanistan to the economy.

They think we took our eye off of the ball.

There are two things that have not got a lot of attention.

Barack obama said not to approve this would be dangerous for u.s. interests and for the world and the region.

Secondly, there was a, -- columnist by a right-wing arkansas republican . he came out for this in the washington post.

Let's cast our eyes forward and assume the presidency authorization he wants.

Will the administration be able to accomplish anything else of substance as long as the serious situation is unresolved.

A military strike will not necessarily resolve it.

Once congress has had their say, whatever happens is going to happen.

There is no doubt that the house is only in session nine days this month.

They might have to increase it.

My sense is that they will probably kick the can down the road to get more time in terms of the government shut down scenario.

Just for a month or so.

That basically piles up.

You have the debt limit.

You have the appropriations bills.

You have this appropriation effort to bring obama care into this.

It is a mess.

The american people are probably going to need to get involved.

They are sick and tired of the gridlock.

It paralyzes things in washington for a two we period.

Two week.


Gentlemen, thank you very much.

We will be back in a couple of minutes on "market makers " talking about banking regulation.

You could call our next guest jamie dimon's regulator.

He is the regulator for a bunch of national banks.

The comptroller of the currency, thomas currie.

Split decision.

While a giant defense contractor is dividing itself in two.

This is "market makers ."

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